1st Batch (2011)

S. No.


Thesis Title



Sidra Nazir

Impact of oil price and shocks on economic growth of Pakistan: Multivariate causality analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Ijlal Hayder

Exogeneity, Cointegration and Economic Policy Analysis: An Application from Financial Development and Economic Growth

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Khan


Gulzar Ahmed

Impact of free trade policy on large scale manufacturing industries: An Econometrics Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Khan


Habib Nawaz Khan

Health care Expenditure & Economic Growth in SAARC countries: A Panel Causality Analysis

Dr. Muhammad Arshad Khan


Muhammad Islam

The Energy, Output and Trade Nexus in Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation

Dr. Nasir Iqbal


Irfan Gul

Macroeconomic forecasting using a GVAR model: Pakistan VS Major Trading Partner Countries

Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin


Yasir Ali

Interdependence and Contagion in Financial Asset Markets: Pakistan VS Major Trading Partner Countries

Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin


Muhammad Jawad

Modeling the Impact of Policy Environment on Inflows of Worker’s Remittances in Pakistan: A multivariate Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Sarah Rabbani

A Comparative Analysis of Factors Affecting Child Mortality in Pakistan and Provinces: Binomial Logistic Regression Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Amna Rubab

Impact of Advertisement Expenditure and Inflation on Sales Revenue: Transfer Function Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Akbar Jan

An Evaluation of Consumption Function for Pakistan Based on Time Series Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Muhammad Younas

Foreign Aid, Political Regimes and Inflation in Pakistan

Dr. Nasir Iqbal


Muhammad Afzal Khan

An Empirical Analysis of Rail Freight Demand in Pakistan

Dr. Saqlain Raza


Muhammad Nawaz Siraj

The Study of Monetary Policy Shocks in Pakistan: Application of Structural VAR Methodology

Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin


Hamid Maqsood

Socio Economic and Demographic Determinants of Crimes: A Panel Data Analysis

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

2nd Batch (2012)


Shahid Imdad

A Panel Co-integration Analysis: Effect of Institutional Quality on Environmental Degradation in SAARC Countries

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Muhammad Naveed

Impact of Energy Investment on Economic Growth

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Umer Hussain

Threshold Cointegration and Asymmetric Adjustment in Okun’s Law: In Case of Pakistan

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Zahid Hussain

Accounting of City Real Exchange Rates: The Case of Pakistan

Dr. Hasan M. Mohsin


Fakhra Aslam

Economic Growth Response In The Wake of Natural Disasters Using Panel Data Analysis: A Regional Dimension

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Mariuam Shafi

Tax policy and Economic Growth: A Semi-Parametric Approach using AMTR

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Muhammad Nasir

Commuting Time and its Implication on Social, Personal Care and Household Related Activities: A Microeconometric Analysis

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Syed Shujaat Ahmed

The Effect of Oil Prices and Regime Switches on Real Effective Exchange Rate in Pakistan: A Markov Regime Switching Approach

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Maqsood Aslam

Demand and Supply Projections for Food Grains in Pakistan: 2015-2030

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Kashif Ali

Nonlinear Cointegration in Purchasing Power Parity: In Case of Pakistan

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Saad Shabbir

P-star Model as a Leading Indicator of Inflation: A Case Study of Pakistan

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Ghulam Abbas

Estimation of Quadratic Engel Curve in the Presence of Measurement error and Endogeneity of Total Expenditure using Pakistani Data

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Anam Alamdar

Long Run and Short run Effects of Electricity Prices on Inflation in Pakistan: An Aggregate and Disaggregate Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum



Oil Prices Pass Through to Inflation in Pakistan: Evidence from Transfer Function Approach

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Raja Fawad Zafar

Forecasting Inflation Using Functional Time Series Analysis

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Qasim Raza

Fiscal Decentralization, Provincial Economic Growth and Spillover Effects: A Spatial Panel Data Analysis

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Ghulam Sarwar

Cointegration Analysis of Twin Deficit Hypothesis in the Presence of Structural Breaks

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Amjad Rizwan

Asymmetric Analysis and Regime Switches for Marshal-Lerner Condition: In case of Pakistan

Dr. Nasir Iqbal


Altaf Hussain

An Empirical Analysis of Passenger Rail Demand in Pakistan

Dr. Saqlain Raza

3rd Batch (2013)


Ghulam Ghouse

“Tracing Dynamic Linkages and volatility Spillover effect between Pakistani and Foreign Stock Markets”

Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan


Abida Naurin

“Impact of Oil Price and Its Volatility on CPI and Stock Market Index in Pakistan: Bivariate EGARCH Model”

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Sadia Naqi Shah

“Analyse Risk Return Paradox in the Presence of Global Financial Crises: Evidence from Electricity Sector of Pakistan”

Dr. Abdul Qayyum


Neelum Younis

A Data Mining Approach: Classification and Regression Trees (CART) for the Determinants of Earnings for Pakistan

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Farah Nagar Kanwal

Effect of Diet Diversity & Socio Economic Status on Expecting Women Health Using LR, LDA & Cart

Dr. Zahid Asghar


Muhammad Qayyum

“Influence of Distance, Culture and Perceived Corruption on Inbound Tourism Flows in Pakistan”

Dr. Saqlain Raza


Shahina Qurban Jan

“Hedging the Currency Devaluation”

Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan


Madeeha Akram

Pakistan Economic Growth under Markov Switching Regimes with Endogenous Transition Probabilities

Dr. Hafsa Hina


Tabish Nawab

Multidimensional Poverty and Vulnerability to Poverty Measurement in Punjab

Dr. Saqlain Raza


Aisha Tahir

Non-parametric Analysis of Government Performance, A Case Study of SAARC Countries

Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan


Maria Qubtia

A Re-examination of Empirical Evidence of Export Led Growth Hypothesis

Dr. Asad Zaman


Zahid Yaqoob

Evaluating the Friedman-Ball and Cukierman Meltzer Hypotheses: A GARCH Application on Pakistan and Neighboring Economies

Dr. Saud Ahmed Khan


4th  Batch (2014)

 47. Sumeet Ashok

Modelling the Shadow Economy and Its Dynamics: In Case of Pakistan

Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq
48.  Shah Abbas

Empirical Modeling and model Selection; An application of Encompassing Principle on Consumption function of Pakistan

Dr. Hafsa Hina
 49. Salah-Ud-Din Taj

Heterogeneous Determinants of Terrorism: Econometrics Evidences from Cross Countries

Dr. Abdul Jalil/

Dr. Ahsan-ul-Haq

50.  Anser Abbas

Comparison of Different Measures of Correlation for Nominal Data

Dr. Atiq-ur-Rehman

 51. Nauman Ahmad

Predicting House Price Determinants by Using Semi Parametric Regression, Hedonic Price  Model and Generalized Additive Model  A Case Study of Pakistan

Dr. Zahid Asghar/

Dr.Amena Urooj



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