The Center for Economics of Conflict, Security and Development has been established to develop high quality research and encourage debate and discussions on critical issues of conflict and security and their role in the development process. The Center aims to carry out policy-oriented research on various socio-economic dimensions of conflict including poverty and social justice, income and spatial inequalities, human displacement, reconstruction and rehabilitation, and governance. The Center collaborates with the government, international bodies, research centers and non-governmental organizations to create awareness and initiate dialogue on vital issues of conflict and security and how these can be tackled to promote peace and prosperity.


Dr Usman Mustafa


Create a prosperous and equitable society through peace, harmony, and human security.


To conduct policy-oriented research and to promote debate and discourse on issues of conflict and security.


To work towards achieving durable peace and greater development of conflict-ridden regions.

Key Objective

The key objectives of the Center are to:

  • Promote peace and harmony through inter-disciplinary research and dialogue.
  • Assess the socio-economic cost of the conflicts.
  • Design and propose security strategies and policies for sustainable peace and development.
  • Provide a platform for exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, and collaboration among key stakeholders.
  • Provide advisory services in the design and implementation of confidence building measures that are a pre-requisite for conflict prevention and its resolution.
  • Develop a sound knowledge base for policy making.
  • Create a databank for academics, researchers, and students.

Term of References (ToR)

The core functions of the Center are research, training and education.

a) Research:

The Center will be involved in independent and commissioned research on issues of conflict, security and development. On the basis of this research, the center will recommend strategies for resolving conflict and addressing the resulting security challenges affecting the economy. A key focus of research will be on assessing the economic, political and social costs of conflict and instability in consultation with independent experts, think tanks, and members of the senior advisory board.

b) Training and Education:

The Center will design and conduct training programs for academics and policymakers on a range of topics including conflict management and resolution, human rights and security, militancy, reconstruction and rehabilitation, and internal security.

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