1st BATCH (2011)

“Impact of Corporate Governance on Dividend Policy: A Case Study on listed Manufacturing Companies of Pakistan.”


Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

Liquidity Benefits from IPO under pricing through Ownership Dispersion

Malik M Shehryar

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Determinants of Dividend Policy Evidence from Pakistan”. 



Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Monetary Policy and Firm Behavior: Evidence From Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan


Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

“ Insider Ownership & Corporate Governance and its Impact on Financial Decisions

Haris Arshad

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Impact of Economics Governance on Microfinance Institutions”

Zeeshan Ali


Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Financial Integration (Between KIBOR &LABOR”

Madiha Bashir

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Impact of Credit Constraints on Firms Investment Growth &  Profitability”

Mughees Tahir

Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

“Cyclical Implication of the Basel Capital Standard: An Investigation”

Romila Qamar

Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

Risk Assessment of the Banking Sector of Pakistan: Credit Risk, Market Risk, Liquidity Risk”


Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

“Impact of Credit Ratings on Firm Performance, Stock Return and Corporate Governance”


Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Budget Deficit , Money Supply, Inflation, in SAARC Countries: A Panel Data Analysis”

Javed Iqbal


Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Impact of Trade Debt on Firm Value”

Jaleel Ahmed


Dr. Arshad Hassan

“ Impact of Working capital management on the profitability and Determinants of investment in working capital”

Syed Ghayusud Din

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Modeling the highly improvable events and their impact on decision making under uncertainly”

Saleem Khan

Dr. Zahid Asghar

“Impact of Macroeconomic Conditions on Capital Structure Decision of Firms in Pakistan”.

Sehrish Ghayas



Dr. Arshad Hassan

“The Impact of Government Debt on Aggregate Investment and Productivity: A Case of Developing Asian Countries”

Hassan Shahzad

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Impact of  Corporate Governance and Monetary Policy on Capital Structure”

Saba Munawar

Dr. Hassan M. Mohsin

“Capital Structure and Market Timing”

M. Usman Virk

Dr. Arshad Hassan

“Impact of Ownership Structure on Capital Structure and Firm Performance”



Dr. Arshad Hassan

Does Border Contribute to Price Variation between Pakistan and India?”


Dr. Hassan M. Mohsin

“Value Glamour and Accrual Mispricing: one or two”

Jawad Muhammad

Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

“Microfinance Mission Drift: A Case Study of Pakistan”

Muhammad Imran


Dr. Attiya Y. Javed

2nd BATCH (2012)

Fiscal Decentralization and its Impact on Economic Development of Baluchistan


Syed Zia Uddin

Dr. Nasir Iqbal

Interest Rate Pass Through Mechanism: Evidence from Pakistan

Farrukh Mahmood

Dr. WasimShahid Malik

Effect of family control on strategic financial decisions of the firms: Evidence from Pakistan


Imran Yousaf

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Relative price convergence among Pakistan cities: Does the Harrod-balassa-samuelson hypothesis hold?


Rubina Ilyas

Dr. Hasan Muhammad  Mohsin

Impact of credit rating on capital structure and earning management behavior


Shoaib Ali

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

Impact of energy consumption on economic growth and environment: Disaggregated analysis for Asian developing economies


Ali Raza Cheema

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

Financialisation of Economy and its Macro-Economic Dynamic: A study of Pakistan Economy


M. Arshed Gul Durani

Dr. Hassan Muhammad Mohsin

Mission drift and role of subsidy uncertainty in microfinance institution of Asia

Muhammad Zubair

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javed

“Cyclical Behavior of Banks Net Interest Rate Margins”


Saud Ahmad

Dr. Hasan MuhammdMohsin

“Gold as a potential inflation hedge in case of Pakistan: An empirical analysis relationship of expected inflation with gold prices and cost of carrying”

Sadaf Zafar

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javed

Determinants of Earning Management


Hafiz Tahir Nawaz

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Stock Market Anomaly: Day-of-the-Week Effect on Market Return, Volume and Volatillity in SAARC countries

Sumra Abbas

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

The Role of Operating leverage and Financial Leverage in    Value Premium

Hafiz Muhammad Zia Ul Haq

Dr. Arshad Hassan

The Determinants of Non-Performing Loans & It’s Impact on Macroeconomic Performance in Pakistan (A Panel Study)

Muhammad Haroon

Dr. Hassan Muhammad Mohsin

Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance of Financial Sector

Muhammad Nadeem Iqbal

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Capital Market Imperfections, Investment and Complementarities Between Debt and Equity

Khizra Salman

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Financial Liberalization, Financial Development and Growth: Empirical Investigation


Syed Fareed Ullah

Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

Relationship Between Stock Price and Macro Economics Variables. A Case study of Karachi Stock Exchange

Zahid Mehmood Akhtar

Dr. Fazal Hussain

Financial Stress and Magnitude of Business Cycle: Evidence from SAARC Countries

Muhammad ShoaibRaza

Dr. Shujaat Farooq

Investment Dynamics of Financially Constrained and Unconstrained Firms of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan: An Empirical Investigation

Shagufta Ahmad

Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

Credit Risk Measurement: Firm Level Analysis of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan

Nayab Karim

Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

Privatization and its Impact on Growth at Micro & Macro Level in Developing Countries


Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Factors Affecting Entrepreneurship in IT Sector of Pakistan

Ayesha SaifNiazi

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

“Remittances, Financial Inclusion and Poverty Linkages: An Empirical study from Pakistan”

Muhammad Salman

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

The Costs and Benefits of Leapfrog Development VS Smart Growth: An Analogy Analysis of Quaid-i-Azam University VS COMSATS, Islamabad


Numra Asif

Dr. Zahid Asghar

Financial Constraint Risk Assessment of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan



Dr. ShahidMansoor Hashmi

Impact of Corporate Ownership

Structure and Board

Characteristics on Dividend

Policy in Emerging Economy of


Muhammad Anjum Fareed

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Financial Liberalization and Money Demand in Pakistan


Muhammad Adnan Javed

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

Military Spending and Economic Growth in Pakistan: A Regime Switching Analysis


Waqar Qureshi

Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Demographic Transition, Financial Development And Saving Performance: Evidence From Asian Economies

Irfan Talib

Dr. Shujaat Farooq

3rd BATCH (2013)

Determinants of Lending Interest Rate in MFIs and its Impact on Performance and Financial Inclusion



Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Impact of capital Structure on Performance of MFIs in Asia

Rukhsana Bibi

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Impact of Accrual and their Reversals, on Performance of Firms Listed at KSE


Muhammad Saad Baloch

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Impact of Economic, Political and Institutional Variables on Crime rate in Selected SAARC Countries



Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Short Run and Long Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings in State Owned and Non-State Owned  Enterprises of Pakistan”



Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Innovation Financial Constraints and Growth in Pakistan: An inter-Province Firm-Level Analysis


Shajar Hussain

Dr. Shujaat Farooq

“Energy Crisis and Profitability of Manufacturing Sector of Pakistan”

Syed Muhammad All-e-Raza

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

“Impact of Culture on Sovereign Credit Risk: Evidence from Highly Developed and Developing Countries”

Saad Mahmood

Dr. Shujaat Farooq

Herding Behavior: A Case Study of Karachi Stock Exchange



Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Value-Glamour, Accrual and

Distress Anomaly: Same or

Distinct Phenomenon

Maaz Javid

Dr. Arshad Hassan

The Impact of Corporate Governance on Insolvency Risk of Firm: Empirical Evidence from Financial and Non Financial Sector of Pakistan”


Hani Baloch

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

The Impact of Investor Sentiment on the cross-section of stock returns in the Pakistani Stock Market


Hassan Jamil

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Effect of Foreign Aid on Economic Growth of the Recipient Countries: Role of Policy and Political stability for aid on economic Growth. A panel data evidence from Selected Asian Countries.






Saira un Nisa

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Impact liquidity on of Corporate

Governance, and firm Valuation:

evidence from KSE



Dr. Arshad Hassan

Does Non-farm Enterprises offer pathways for Upward Mobility in Pakistan? Evidences from Panel Dataset


Dr. Shujaat Farooq

The Impact of Bank-Specific, Internal Regulatory, External Regulatory and Macroeconomics Variables on Profitability  and Efficiency of Pakistan’s Banking Industry


SalwaAsad Khan

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Determinants of Discretionary Public Spending Volatility: A Panel Analysis.

Faizur Rahman

Dr. Karim Khan

Remittances, Economic Growth, Inequality and Poverty: An Exploration of the Linkages for Developing Asia”

Waqar Ahmad Qamar

Dr. Sajid Amin Javed

The Impact of Capital Structure on Performance of Financial Institutes: A Comparative Study of Islamic Versus Non-Islamic Financial Institutions of Pakistan.


Hira Saeed

Dr. Abdul Rashid

Repercussions of Terrorist Attacks, Political Events and Financial Crisis on Pakistan Stock Exchange

Bilal Ahmed

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

Customer Online Purchasing Behavior in Twin Cities of Pakistan

HafizaSyeda Sana Fatima Naqvi

Dr. Attiya Y. Javid

“Estimating Exchange Rate Exposure: An Analysis of Non-Financial Listed Firms in Pakistan”

Ashfaq Ahmad Khan

Dr. Arshad Hassan

Impact of Investor Sentiment on External Financing of the Firms under Different Macroeconomic Conditions.

Shakeel Khaliq Malik

Dr. Abdul Rashid

Demographic Transition, Savings and Economic Growth: Evidences from Asia.

Hafiz Abdul Qadeer

Dr. Shujaat Farooq

Estimating Liquidity Risk Using Exposure based Cash Flow at Risk Approach

Umais Ahmad

Dr. Abdul Rashid

Determinants of Tax Revenue and Role of Informal Sector in Pakistan



Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad

Mr. Ali Kemal

Socio-Economic Determinants of Financial Inclusion: A Cross the Countries (A Case Study of SAARC Countries)



Dr. Abdul Rashid

4th BATCH (2014)

Does the Sources of Finance Matter?  A Case Study of Islampor Cottage Industry Swat, KP, Pakistan.

Zeeshan Khan

Dr. Anwar Shah

Is Exchange Rate of Pak-Rupee Stationary against its major Trading Partners? New Evidence from Fourier Unit Root Tests.

Mahmood Khan

Dr. Muhammad Zakaria

 Determinants of Credit Risk. A Study of Pakistan’s Banking Sector

Farooq Ahmed

Dr. Arshad Hassan

The Study of Stock Market Shocks on Macroeconomic Variables of Pakistan (An Application of SVAR Methodology)

Imtiaz Hussain

Dr. HafsaHina

Oil Price Uncertainty, Exchange Rate Volatility and Inflation, Evidence from Pakistan

Ibrar Asif

Dr. Ahsan ul Haq

Impact of Macroeconomic Volatilities on Stock Market Volatility: A Case Study of Pakistan Stock Market.

Zulfiqar Ali Mir

Dr. Atiya Yasmin Javid

A Study on the Performance of Insurance Companies in Pakistan: An Application of Panel Data Approach

Shakeel Shahzad


Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid


Factors Affecting The Costumers Psychological Behavior By Using Plastic Money

Ramsha Aziz

Dr. Abdul Rashid

The Study of Stock Market Shocks on Macroeconomic Variables of Pakistan (An Application of SVAR Methodology)

Imtiaz Hussain

Dr. HafsaHina

The Effect of Financial Development on Economics Growth. The Evidence from Panel Data.


Tanveer Hussain


Dr. Ahsan ulHaqSatti


Asymmetric Impact of Monetary Policy and Stock Market Volatility Over Bull & Bear Market: A Case Study of Pakistan

Rahila Islam

Dr. Ahsan ul Haq

Firm Characteristics and Cash-Cash Flow Sensitivity: An Assessment for Pakistani manufacturing Firms.


Dr. Abdul Rashid

Empirical Analysis of Fama and French Three Factor and Five Factor Asset Pricing Model: A Case of Pakistan.

Muhammad Subhan Ahmad

Dr. Abdul Rashid


Cash Flow Uncertainty, Dividend and Investment: Evidence From Pakistan

Rizwan Ali

Dr. Abdul Rashid


Public Sector Financial Management of output Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan

Saima Ashraf

Dr. Ahsan ul Haq

Monetary Policy Rules, Asset Prices and Exchange Rates: A Case Study of Pakistan

Muhammad Amir Hanif

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Access to Financing and Firm Growth: Does Firm Size Matter

Shafaq Munir

Dr. Abdul Rashid


Income Inequality and Foreign Aid: Evidence from Panel Data

Saima Ashraf

Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin

The Impact of Equity Liquidity on Firms’ Performance and Investment: Some Evidence from Pakistan

Maria Karim

Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin

Regression or Progression: Redistribution Impact of GST Tax Incidence (Case Study of  Pakistan)

Hira Asghar

Dr. Mahmood Khalid

 Co Mr. Ali Kemal

“Impact of Financial Development on Economic Growth: A Comparative Study of East and South Asian Countries”

Sohaib Ameer

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

Investigating Herding Behavior in Stock Markets, Using Market Wide Herding Approach

Syed Ali Arslan

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

“Validity of Fama and French Five Factor Model in Pakistan Stock Exchange”

Muhammad Salik

Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid

The Banking Sector Key Performance Indicators and International Integration: A Case of Pakistan

Syed Ali Abbas Shah

Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin

The Role of Cash Holding in Mitigating Refinancing Risk: Evidences from Pakistan

Adeel Khaliq

Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin

Early Warning System of Currency Crisis. Case Study of Pakistan.

Shahab Khan

Dr. Hasan Muhammad Mohsin

Consequences of Real Estate

Javaid Iqbal Qamer

Dr. Attiq ur Rehman


Dr. Ayaz Ahmad




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