Program Aims and Objectives

MPhil Development Studies is the latest addition into degree programs offered at the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics. The Programme responds to the need of qualified development professionals with multidisciplinary knowledge and comprehensive understating of development challenges. Historian, Political Scientists, Sociologists and Anthropologists will be engaged in building the development discourse alongside with Economists who have traditionally dominated development ideologies, policies and practices.  The programme aims to improve the analytical skills of the students by creative thinking pattern through the repertoire of multidisciplinary education and training at PIDE. Bridging the gap between ideas and policies will offer an alternative perspective on the development debate by a cross-fertilization of knowledge. The department of Development Studies aspires to advance knowledge that resonates with the realities of transition countries through innovation and excellence in its academic programme. A strong focus on theory and methods will equip graduates to apply new insights to policy analysis in a practical context. 

Head of Department

Dr. Zulfiqar Ali

Program Length

The length of the programme is 24 months. Students are expected to complete eight courses in a combination of four elective courses and four core courses, besides writing a dissertation. Each of the core and optional courses has been assigned 03 credit hours thus making a total of 24 credit hours of coursework. The list of the elective courses is subject to change and will be regularly updated.

Core Courses

•    Development History, Theory and Policy
•    Research Methods
•    Anthropology and Development
•    Development Economics

Elective Courses

•    Socio-economic perspectives on Conflict and Development
•    Environmental Problems, Politics and Development
•    Gender and Development
•    Poverty, Population and Development
•    Governance
•    Political Economy of Development
•    Managing Globalization
•    Development Management
•    Econometrics for Development Studies
•    Financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and Development
•    Tourism and development
•    Human Rights and Development 
•    Cultural Heritage and Development 

Additional weekly seminars will be scheduled over the course of the first two semesters with mandatory attendance. These seminars will be delivered by eminent social scientists to enable the students to gain insights into many of the development challenges, and allow them to choose the topics of their thesis.


The programme is intended for students with a good first degree (Masters and/or four years BA/BSc) with 2.5 CGPA in any development related discipline, preferably the social Sciences. Preference will be given to the applicants with some experience as development practitioners and to those who can demonstrate a genuine interest in the discipline.


Students will be taught by a faculty with doctorates from the world’s leading universities.

Career Options

Theoretical insights on the multidisciplinary nature of development discourse coupled with enhanced analytical skills will allow the graduates to follow multiple career paths. They are expected to serve the national and international development agencies or pursue their doctorates.

Brochure M.Phil Development Studies Programme 

Development Studies on Social Media 


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