Dr. Asad Zaman
Institutional poverty
by Nasir Iqbal
Exclusive interview
(Dr. Asad Zaman)
The SCO and CPEC 
by Yasir Masood
CPEC: dismissing the detractors by Yasir Masood 11 Jun, 2017
The optimal level written by Nasir Iqbal 06 Jun, 2017
Charter of economy written by Idrees Khawaja 07 Jun, 2017
CPEC: calling the shots by Yasir Masood 02 Jun, 2017
Exclusive interview in Daily Ausaf by Dr. Asad Zaman 23 May, 2017
19 May, 2017
Press Release on Strategies for Improving Exports (CPEC)  15 May, 2017
Exclusive interview in Daily Ausaf by Dr. Asad Zaman 15 May, 2017
CPEC: sculpting a common destiny by Yasir Masood  03 May, 2017
Unite and prosper written by Dr. Asad Zaman  25 Apr, 2017
FICTION: Wishful thinking written by Idrees Khawaja
25 Apr, 2017
Home to school written by Idrees Khawaja 19 Apr, 2017
Getting regional trade right in Central Asia written by Nasir Iqbal and Saima Nawaz  18 Apr, 2017
Misplaced optimism written by Idrees Khawaja
14 Mar, 2017
The aid policy network in Pakistan written by Faheem Jehangir Khan 14 Feb, 2017 
Economic dilemma written by Idrees Khawaja  23 Jan, 2017 
Abuse of authority written by Idrees Khawaja 
08 Jan, 2017 
16 Nov, 2016 
The election cycle written by Idrees Khawaja
10 Nov, 2016 
The visa trade written by Nasir Iqbal 08 Nov, 2016  
Poverty and terror written by Idrees Khawaja 18 Oct, 2016 
Green accounting written by Dr. Anwar Hussain  06 Oct, 2016 
Consumer, the unprotected king written by Rizwan Ali 
Flawed degrees written by Idrees Khawaja
19 Sep, 2016
Pakistan needs to look beyond China for FDI written by Nasir Iqbal, BISP, and Saima Nawaz, CIIT
 15 August, 2016
written by M Ali Kemal 
26 Jun, 2016 
written by Idrees Khawaja
 05 Jun, 2016
 20 May, 2016
written by Idrees Khawaja
 23 April, 2016
written by Idrees Khawaja
 03 April, 2016
written by Idrees Khawaja
03 March, 2016
written by Dr Anwar Hussain
MoU signed between PIDE and SECP   
What is Islamic Economics? By Dr Asad Zaman   
Dependence on agriculture written by Dr Anwar Hussain
Few benefits written by Idrees Khawaja
The business of war By Dr Asad Zaman   
Hazro: A small Pakistani town of mandirs and gurdwaras written by Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro   
Torpid work culture written by Idrees Khawaja  
A flawed choice written by Idrees Khawaja  
Economics and Environment written by Dr Anwar Hussain    
Domestic demand alternative to export-led growth written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Agriculture and environment written by Dr Anwar Hussain  
Narali: Exploring the pre-partition trade hub written by Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro  
Happy taxpayers written by Idrees Khawaja   
Going vegetarian written by Anwar Hussain  
Cave painting: Demons and depictions written by Zulfiqar Ali Kalhoro   
University hires written by Idrees Khawaja   
Ecological Suicide written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Small good deeds written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Let a thousand flowers bloom written by Dr Asad Zaman  
From ivory towers to realities written by Dr Asad Zaman  
PIDE holds reference for Dr Sarfraz Khan  
Opportunity cost: Experts call for prioritising sustainable development goals  
Budget 2015-16 partly people-friendly, written by M Ali Kemal  
Would you trust the government?, written by Idrees Khawaja    
Re-thinking the foundations of social sciences, written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Changing criteria for development written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Armchair Research written by Idrees Khawaja  
The Shifting Battleground written by Dr Asad Zaman  
Polanyi and the Great Transformation written by Dr Asad Zaman   
Motherhood and economic development written by Dr Asad Zaman   
The KSE index as barometer? by Idrees Khawaja & Rafat Mahmood  
Godel’s theorems & the limits of reason by Dr Asad Zaman  
Pre-Budget Seminar
The Express Tribune
The News
Tolerance and multiple narratives by Dr Asad Zaman  
Hunger as the primary economic problem by Dr Asad Zaman  
Keynes versus the IMF by Dr Asad Zaman  
System failure by Idrees Khawaja  
Reflections on higher education by Dr Asad Zaman   
Defining Democracy, Dr Asad Zaman  
Preventing deadlock, Idrees Khawaja  
BRICS by Brick, M. Ali Kemal   
Losing the Plot By M. Ali Kemal  
Climate Change: Impact on Market and Growth  
Domestic Violence and Islam   
Climate Change: Impact on Market and Growth   

Monetising perks By M. Ali Kemal

A budget for exporters but test for FBR by M Ali Kemal  
Bank the Unbanked by Idrees Khawaja  

The third way by By M Ziauddin

Meeting expenditures by M Ali Kemal   
Reforming public service by Dr. Idrees Khawaja   
 Dar’s exchange rate equilibrium  
 Dar’s dilemma  
 Why nations fail?  
 A Question of real growth  

Petrol, diesel: PIDE suggests annual review of OMC, dealer margins

PIDE Economy Watch  
Privatise or provincialise?  
Pakistan gets GSP Plus status  
29th AGM & Conference in News  
Dr. Ejaz Ghani won HEC Best University Teacher Award  
Framework for Economic Growth in Pakistan  
Informal Economy By Ali Kemal  
Power losses likely to reach Rs742bn  

A Socio-Economic Assessment of Manifestos: Election 2013 

Dr. Musleh-ud Din, Acting Vice Chancellor, PIDE  
Pakistan Energy Sector Crisis  
28th AGM & Conference of PSDE  
3 PIDE staffers win Fulbright PhD Scholarship  
Rural Poverty Dynamics in Pakistan  
PIDE Business Barometer  
Poverty and Inequality  
Pakistan and the IMF: A Road To Nowhere  
Workshop on climate change  
Pakistan: Moving the Economy Forward  
Can Pakistan Grow Faster  
Climate Change to cost Pakistan up to $14 billion annually  
The biggest challenge is to find out dynamics of Pakistan economy  
Pak-India Trade  
PIDE’s Macroeconomic Brief  
PIDE report warns govt on populist economic moves  
Privatization: New Imperatives  
PIDE Celebrates 'Quality Teaching Day'
Pakistan: Financial Sector Constraints and Solutions  
Centre for Population, Health & Social Policy launched  
PIDE, FES to tackle unemployment  
PIDE graduate wins European Foundation Award   
Public debt soars Rs240 billion  
PIDE’s moot on economic growth today  
Pak needs trade with India to win back int'l confidence  
PIDE sees slow growth in prices  
Rising trend in prices likely  
Zardari calls for out of box solution to overcome economic challenges  
President lists economic problems  
Out of the box solutions needed: Zardari's plea to economists  


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