Pakistan Society of development Economists (PSDE) is the only Pakistani professional association of economists and other social scientists. It provides an institutional framework for professional and research development. The society was formed in 1982 and located at the premises of Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PDE). The Society provides a platform for academics and policy-makers for exchange of ideas on the pressing economic and social problems facing Pakistan. It provide an important forum through Annual General Meeting and Conference for economic professionals, policymakers, businessmen and various schools of interested observers for debate concerning development issues.


32nd PSDE AGM & Conference Sub-Themes

  1. Chinese Economy
  2. Domestic and Regional Political Economy
  3. Role of Connectivity and Infrastructure Development in Regional Integration
  4. Labour Market Dynamics of CPEC
  5. Role of Productivity, Quality and Innovations in making CPEC work for Pakistan
  6. Industrial and Urban Development in Pakistan and Trade Integration with China in the Long Term
  7. Socio-Economic Impacts of CPEC
  8. Domestic Reform and Development Needs to maximize CPEC benefits
  9. Role of FDI in Sustainable Development in Pakistan
  10. Energy Sector and CPEC
  11. Challenges in the Agriculture Sector and Role of CPEC
  12. Role of CPEC in promoting linkages with Central Asia
  13. Industrial Cities under CPEC – Global Experiences of Chinese Investments


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