33rd PSDE AGM & Conference Theme

Redefining Prosperity Paths in Changing Global Economy; Opportunities and Challenges for Pakistan


  1. Industrial development; Job creation, Special Economic Zones and Urban Development
  2. Quest for Prosperity; Indigenous Experiences, New Paradigms, Sustainability and Suitability
  3. Innovation, Productivity and Economic Growth
  4. Impact of Fourth Industrial Revolution; Robotic Economy, Artificial Intelligence Economy, Carbon Fibers and others
  5. Agricultural Reforms; modernization and Agro-based Industrial development
  6. Financial Liberalization and Business Development
  7. Social Capital and Economic Growth: Tolerance, Harmony and Trust
  8. Macroeconomic policies in a changing global and local Landscape
  9. Brain and Brawn for Change; Academia-Economy Linkages
  10. Tapping the Regional Economic Integration; CPEC, ECO, SAARC, ASEAN

Date and Venue

December 12-14, 2017, Marriott Hotel Islamabad View Location  

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