Sample Test Paper

General Instructions about Test

PIDE, being a leading economic research institute, aims to bridge the research—policy gap in Pakistan through high quality academic programmes and policy oriented research. To judge the theoretical and general aptitude of the applicants the admission test will be comprises on followings:

1. The admission test will be conducted online. A link will be shared to submit the response.
2. The duration of the admission test will be 90 minutes.
3. The test will cover both subjective and objective aspects.
4. The admission test will have two parts. First to gauge the knowledge of students the focus of the test will be to judge whether the student has basic knowledge about important issues of the economy or not. We recommend that students must read Pakistan Economic Survey, PIDE’s rapid growth strategy, Fiscal Policy, Monetary Policy and other economic issues.
5. The second part of the test will aim to assess the quantitative skills of the applicants.
6. Plagiarism policy is applicable. Applicants can be disqualified based on plagiarism.

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