Do We Need Metro Bus System for Improving Female Mobility?

By Dr. Faheem Jehangir Khan & Ms. Tayyeba Khalil Metro Bus Systems and Mobility Globally, Metro Bus Systems (MBS) are used to provide public transport facilities to citizens to fulfill their daily commuting needs. The MBS is a preferred way of mass transit in terms of safety, comfort, convenience, affordability and reliability. Metro service was…… Continue reading Do We Need Metro Bus System for Improving Female Mobility?

Need for Inclusive Education

By Dr. Usman Ahmad and Mr. Adnan Akram Introduction Affirmation of the right to inclusive education is part of an international shift from a “medical model” of viewing disability to a “social model” which recognizes disability as an interaction between individuals and their environment, with an emphasis on identifying and removing discriminatory barriers and attitudes…… Continue reading Need for Inclusive Education

Islamabad: A City for the Rich

by Ms. Mariam Mohsin If you have ever been to Islamabad, chances are you must have visited the city’s celebrated Jinnah Super Market. It’s luscious green. Beautiful. Packed with local and international brand outlets. It’s brimming with life – so much so that you most probably did not get a chance to look down South.…… Continue reading Islamabad: A City for the Rich

Who Protects Our ‘Thought’ Industry?

By Dr. Nadeem ul Haque Introduction Over three decades ago, Ghari Baqir returned with a PhD from Harvard. Keen to use his newfound skills to contribute to policy and thought he started teaching at university as it allowed him time to research, write books and perhaps at some stage advise the government. He had ideas…… Continue reading Who Protects Our ‘Thought’ Industry?