Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

MPhil Economics and Finance

M.Phil. Economics and Finance at PIDE is dedicated to develop a new generation of financial leaders and entrepreneurs, and conducting research not only into the nature of business, but the connections between business and the wider world. The world has just gone through ever disastrous financial crisis and Pakistan too, is experiencing the aftershocks of this crisis. The contribution comes in the time of despair and the evil of economic crisis will triumph only when the respective experts remain silent. After Karachi, Islamabad is the cable of networked head quarter for listed firms. This necessitated the need for a discipline to address the economics and financial issues of economic actors under one umbrella. It will equip the graduates to tackle the all financial problems leading to business failure with economic perspective.

Eligibility Criteria

BBA(4 years), B.S (4 years), M.A/MSc (2 years) in Economics, Finance, M.Com or any other relevant subject with at least 2nd Division, 2.5/4.00 CGPAor B Grade. The candidates with research/publication and relevant job experience in the applied fields of Economics and Finance are highly encouraged to apply.

Students awaiting results may also apply

Program Structure

Total Credit Hours: 39 Credit Hours
Course Work: 24 Credit Hours
Thesis: 15 Credit Hours
Core Courses: 6
Elective Courses: 2
Non-Credit Core Course: 1

Duration: 2 years (with the provision of one-year extension)

Semester Wise Program Structure
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursSemester
EFN-600 Microeconomic Theory 3 Semester-I
EFN-620 Quantitative Methods for Economics and Finance 3 Semester-I
EFN-640 Financial Theory 3 Semester-I
Elective I 3 Semester-I
EFN-610 Macroeconomic Theory 3 Semester-II
EFN-650 Financial Econometrics 3 Semester-II
EFN-630 Financial Institutions and Markets 3 Semester-II
Elective II 3 Semester-II
EFN-670 Applied Seminars in Advance Research Methods NC Semester-III
Thesis (Proposal) Semester-III
Thesis 15 Semester-IV
List of Courses
Sr. No.Course CodeCourse NameCourse Type
1 EFN-600 Microeconomic Theory Core Course
2 EFN-610 Macroeconomic Theory Core Course
3 EFN-620 Quantitative Methods for Economic and Finance Core Course
4 EFN-630 Financial Institutions and Market Core Course
5 EFN-640 Financial Theory Core Course
6 EFN-650 Financial Econometrics Core Course
7 EFN-670 Applied Seminars in Advance Research Methods Core Course
8 EFN-703 Monetary Economics Optional Course
9 EFN-706 Advance Monetary Economics Optional Course
10 EFN-709 Financial Analysis Optional Course
11 EFN-715 Advance Financial Econometrics Optional Course
12 EFN-718 Cases in Corporate Finance Optional Course
13 EFN-721 International Finance Optional Course
14 EFN-724 Advance Portfolio Management Optional Course
15 EFN-727 Financial Risk Management Optional Course
16 EFN-730 Behavioral Finance Optional Course
17 EFN-733 Banking Operations and Risk Management Optional Course
18 EFN-736 Insurance and Actuarial Sciences Optional Course
19 EFN-739 Financial Derivatives Optional Course
20 EFN-742 Corporate Governance Optional Course
21 EFN-748 Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination Optional Course
22 EFN-751 Economic Development and Finance Optional Course
23 EFN-754 Emerging Issues in Finance Optional Course
24 EFN-757 Venture Capital and Private Equity Optional Course
25 EFN-760 Credit Risk Management Optional Course
26 EFN-766 Treasury and Funds Management Optional Course
27 EFN-772 Islamic Banking and Finance Markets Optional Course