Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

MS Management Sciences

Program Objectives:

MS Management Sciences is designed with the objective to enable students to develop specialized skills with respect to various Management related issues and suggest possible solutions through research work. Research work would contribute to the body of knowledge along with national development through original and focused research in areas crucial for enhancing corporate productivity and profitability.

Eligibility Criteria for (MS Management Science Program)

Admissions are made once in a calendar year, i.e., July and the semester starts in September. The criteria for admission are based on admission test or GRE score (for foreign students), interview and previous degrees. A person holding a (two years) Master’s degree in Management Science from a Pakistani Institute recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC), or an equivalent degree from any other HEC recognized Institute, with at least a second division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) can apply for admission to the MS Management Science programme.

Academic Program

Total Credit Hours: 30
Core Course Credit hrs: 12
Elective Course Credit hrs: 12
Thesis/Research Work: 6

Duration: 2 years (with the provision of one year extension)

Semester-Wise Course Stream M.S. (Management Science)
Course CodeCourse NameCourse TypeCredit HourPre-RequisiteSemester
MS-586 Management and Organizational Theories Core Nil Semester-I
MS-621 Advanced Research Methods Core 3 Nil Semester-I
Elective – 1 Elective 3 Nil Semester-I
Elective – 2 Elective 3 Nil Semester-I
MS-735 Marketing Theory & Practice Core 3 Nil Semester-II
MS-736 Strategic Financial Management Core 3 Semester-II
Elective – 3 Elective 3 Nil Semester-II
Elective – 4 Elective 3 Nil Semester-II
MS-699 Final Thesis Core (6) 24 Credit Hour Course Work Completed with at least 3.0 CGPA Semester-III
Specialization Courses (Electives)
Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursPre Requisite
MS-635 Islamic Banking and Finance 3 Nil
MS-636 Financial Derivatives 3 Nil
MS-637 Dynamic Asset Pricing Theory 3 Nil
MS-638 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management 3 Nil
MS-639 Empirical Finance 3 Nil
MS-651 Capital Risk Management 3 Nil
MS-652 Financial Modelling 3 Nil
MS-653 Basil I and II 3 Nil
MS-654 Investments 3 Nil
MS-655 International Corporate Finance 3 Nil
MS-656 Derivative Markets 3 Nil
MS-657 Venture Capital and Private Equity 3 Nil
MS-658 Global Asset and Wealth Management 3 Nil
MS-659 Financial Theory 3 Nil
MS-663 Bayesian Inference: Methods and Applications 3 Nil
MS-710 Financial Institutions & Markets 3 Nil
MS-730 Advanced Corporate Finance 3 Nil
MS-670 Human Resource Development 3 Nil
MS-671 Advanced Topics in Human Resource Management 3 Nil
MS-672 Quantitative Methods in the Applied Behavioral Sciences 3 Nil
MS-673 Strategic HRM: Concepts and Applications 3 Nil
MS-674 Human Capital Management: Acquisition, Development and Retention 3 Nil
MS-675 Knowledge Management & HRIS 3 Nil
MS-676 Legal Systems, Labor Relations, and Regulatory Practices. 3 Nil
MS-678 Human Resource Analytics 3 Nil
MS-679 Staffing and Performance Management 3 Nil
MS-691 Leadership and Motivational Skills 3 Nil
MS-692 Organizational Development 3 Nil
MS-693 Industrial Psychology and Collective Bargaining 3 Nil
MS-694 Corporate Ethics 3 Nil
MS-695 Labour Laws 3 Nil
MS-601 Business to Business Marketing 3 Nil
MS-602 Consumer Behavior Models 3 Nil
MS-603 Strategic Brand Management 3 Nil
MS-604 Culture and Persuasion 3 Nil
MS-605 Marketing Models 3 Nil
MS-660 Behavioral Research in Marketing 3 Nil
MS-661 Marketing Data Mining 3 Nil
MS-662 Applied Marketing Analytics 3 Nil
MS-664 Quantitative Research in Marketing: Models and Methods 3 Nil
MS-665 Topics in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) 3 Nil
MS-667 Topics in Consumer Behavior 3 Nil
MS-668 Advanced Advertising and Media Planning 3 Nil
MS-669 Strategic Services Marketing 3 Nil
MS-688 Sales Management 3 Nil
MS-696 Strategic marketing 3 Nil
MS-697 Consumer behavior 3 Nil
MS-689 Marketing Strategy and Management 3 Nil