Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Research in Progress

NameThesis TopicSupervisor NameBatch
Ali Rehman Waheed Educational Inequality in KPK: An Inter and Intra-District Analysis Dr. Usman Qadir 2014
Fiaz Hussain Qadri* Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on the socio-economic Development of Punjab: A distric Level analysis Dr. Nasir Iqbal 2014
Habib Ullah Regional Trade and Political Regimes of ECO Countries Dr. Karim Khan 2014
Khizar Abbas The Impact of Patron-Client Relationship on Voting Behavior: A case of Rajanpur District, Punjab Dr. Karim Khan 2014
Own Shamsher Ali* social economic impact of biogas plant on the livelihood of people of district sargodha, tehsil sahiwal and sillanwali Dr. Usman Mustafa 2014
Rizwan Ali An Evaluation of Foundation Assisted School (FAS) Program; The Application of Principal Agent Theory Dr. Muhammad Nasir 2014
Shamsul Amin Comparative Analysis of Public Private Partnership in Health Dr. Mahmood Khalid 2014
Shehzad Alam Evaluation of Punjab Government School’s Monitoring Programme Dr. Shahid Umar 2014
Tauqir Shahzad Saleem The Extent of Devolution: A Comparative Analysis of Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa local Government Acts 2013 Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad 2014
Tayyeba Khalil* Impact of Metro Bus System on Female Mobility in Islamabad-Rawalpindi Dr. Faheem Jehangir Khan 2014
Sajjad Yousaf Exploring the Deman for Shadow Education in Pakistan: A case study of Islamabad Dr. Usman Ahmad 2015
Saddam Hussein The doorstep Conditions for Transition from Limited Access Order to open Access Order: Evidence from Pakistan Dr. Karim Khan 2015
Aftab Ahmed Dar Policy Alternatives to Avoid Fruits wastages in Gilgit Baltistan: An Attempt to Monetize Losses. Case study of Gilgit Division Dr. Khurrum S. Mughal 2015
Wajid Ali Pakistani stakeholders vision of Tourism development under CPEC initiative: A case study of Gilgit Baltistan Dr.Junaid Alam Memon 2015
Mehwish Khan Public vs Private Schools: Analyzing student achievement/Performance. A Case Study of Union Council Parhenna, District Mansehra. Dr. Faiz ur Rehman 2015
Shahbaz Ali China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC): An Evaluation study of Eastern and Western Routes. Dr. Khurrum S. Mughal 2015
Muhammad Azhar Comparative Study of Current Electoral Systems in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh Dr. Saeed Ahmad 2015
M Irfan Farrukh Impact of Teacher’s Qualification on Student’s academic and Cognitive Abilities: A case study of District Charsadda. Dr. Muhammad Nasir 2015
Muhammad Waseem Sajjad Local Govt. & Sustainable Urban Development; A case Study of Lahore Metropolitan City Dr. Sajid Amin 2015
Amad Ud Din Election Management Autonomy: The case of election commission of Pakistan Dr. M Idrees Khawaja 2015
Muhammad Ehtisham Noor Efficiency and size of the Government: A Panel data Analysis based on SAARC Countries. Dr. Muhammad Jamil 2015
Muhammad Umer Latif Overseas employment opportunities and employment promotion strategies Dr. Atiq ur Rehman 2015
Mah Noor Challenges of Local Government Service Delivery: A case study of Punjab Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad 2015
Muhammad Zaid Spatial Health equity in Punjab Evidence from Multiple Indicator Cluster survey (MICS) Dr. Attiya Yasmin Javid 2015
Raheel Research under progress: Topic yet to be decided Yet to be decided 2015