29th AGM and Conference Papers

Energy and Household Economic Vulnerability

1.The Impact and Cost of Power Load Shedding to Domestic Consumers
by Hafiz A. Pasha and Wasim Saleem
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2.What Inspires Energy Crises at the Micro Level: Empirical Evidence from Energy Consumption Pattern of Urban Households from Sindh
Lubna Naz and Munir Ahmad
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3.An Investigation of Multidimensional Energy Poverty in Pakistan
Rehmat Ullah Awan, Falak Sher and Akhtar Abbas
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Energy Security and Environment-I

4.From Energy Blues to Green Energy: Option Before     Pakistan
by Rafi Amir-ud-Din
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5.Impact of Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption on CO2     Emissions: Evidence from Pakistan (1980-2010)
by Sehar Munir and Azra Khan
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6.The Role of of Renewable Energy Supply and Carbon Tax in the Improvement of Energy Security: A Case Study of Pakistan
by Javed Anwar
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Energy Pricing

7.Mitigating Vulnerability to Oil Price Risk – Applicability of Risk Models to Pakistan’s Energy Problem
by Jamshed Y. Uppal and Syeda Rabab Mudakkar
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8.Inter-Provincial Differences in Power Sector Subsidies and Implications for the NFC Award
by Umbreen Fatima and Anjum Nasim
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9.Energy-Cost Optimization in Water-Supply System
by Farrukh Mahmood and Haider Ali
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Energy Issues of Pakistan

1.Energy Crisis and Productive Inefficiency: Micro-Evidence from the Textile Sector in Faisalabad
Haider Ali and Muhammad Nawaz
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2.Impact of Climate Change on Electricity Demand     
Rafat Mahmood, Sundus Saleemi and Sajid Amin
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3.Electricity Demand in Pakistan: A Non-linear Estimation 
Nasir Iqbal, Saima Nawaz and Saba Anwar
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Energy and Economic Growth – I

4.Macroeconomic Policies and Energy Security – Implications for a Chronic Energy Deficit Country
Inayat U. Mangla and Jamshed Y. Uppal
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5.Dynamic Effects of Energy Sector Public Investment on Sectoral Economic Growth: Experience from Pakistan
Syed Ammad Ali and Qazi Masood Ahmed
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6.Causality between Trade Openness and Energy Consumption: What Causes What in High, Middle  and Low Income Countries
Muhammad Shahbaz, Samia Nasreen, Chong Hui Ling and Rashid Sbia
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Governance Issues in the Energy Sector

7.An Empirical Study of Electricity Theft from Electricity Distribution Companies in Pakistan
Faisal Jamil and Eatzaz Ahmad
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8.Structure and Regulation of the Electricity Networks in Pakistan
Amir Jahan Khan
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9.Energy Intensity: A Decomposition Exercise for Pakistan
Akbar Ullah, Karim Khan and Munazza Akhtar
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Energy and Macro Issues

1.Disaggregate Energy Consumption, Agricultural Output and Economic Growth in Pakistan: An ARDL Modelling Approach to Cointegration
Muhammad Zahir Faridi and Ghulam Murtaza
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2.The Role of Power Generation and Industrial Consumption Uncertainty in De-industrializing Pakistan
Bushra Yasmin and Wajeeha Qamar
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3.The Effect of Oil Price Innovations on the Dynamic Relationship between Current Account and Exchange rate: Evidence from D-8 Countries
Saira Tufail and Syeda Qurat-ul-Ain
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Energy and Economic Growth – II

4.Energy Consumption, Trade and GDP: A Case Study of South Asian Countries
Muhammad Shakeel, M. Mazhar Iqbal and M. Tariq Majeed
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5.Energy Sources and Gross Domestic Product: International Evidence
Waseem Ahmad and Tanvir Ahmed
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6.Determinants of Energy Inflation in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis 
Adnan Haider, Qazi Masood Ahmed and Zohaib Jawed
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Energy Security and Environment – II

7.Burning of Crop Residue and its Potential for Electricity Generation
Tanvir Ahmed and Bashir Ahmad
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8.Energy Smart Buildings: Potential for Conservation and Efficiency of Energy
Ajaz Ahmed
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9Energy, Emissions and the Economy: Empirical Analysis from Pakistan
Muhammad Tariq Mahmood and Sadaf Shahab
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