33rd AGM Papers and Proceedings

Industrial development; Job creation, Special Economic Zones and Urban Development

Causes of Long term Unemployment: a Case Study of Survival Analysis
by Sheeba Tahir

Small and Medium Enterprises: Pivotal to Inclusive Growth in Punjab
by Hafiz Ghulam Mujaddad, Dr. S. M. Naeem Nawaz, Dr. Mumtaz Anwar 

Determinants of Industrial Growth in South Asia: Evidence from Panel Data Analysis
by Zara Ejaz, Dr. M. Aman Ullah, Muhammad Usman Khan

Relative Attraction Of Cities And Inter-City Migration, An analysis using the Gravity Setup
by Munazah Nazeer

Institutional Quality, Human Capital and Exports: An Empirical Investigation
by Shaheen Naseer and Inayat Ullah Mangla

Fair-trade And Workers’ Welfare: A Case Study Of The Soccer Industry In Pakistan
by Javeria Younas Abbasi and Musleh Ud Din 

Industrial exports of Pakistan and competition from China in global market
by Asia Naseem, Khalid Mushtaq & Burhan Ahmad

How to boost exports through CPEC?  Applying Growth Identification and Facilitation Framework to Pakistan
by Muhammad Ishtiaq, Adnan Khan, Muhammad Sohail

Financial Liberalization and Business Development

Appearance of Inefficiency in National Banking
by Sohail Zafar, Nadeem Malik, and Francesco Aiello

How far, how different: A fresh assessment of structural transformation in SAARC countries
by Uzair Ahson, Dr. Saima Sarwar

Modeling Foreign Exchange Risk In A Managed Float Regime: Challenges For Pakistan
by Jamshed Y. Uppal and Syeda Rabab Mudakkar 

Identifying Systemically Important Financial Institutions for BRICS and Pakistan
by Shumaila Zeb, Dr. Abdul Rashid

Impact of Interbank Liquidity on Monetary Transmission Mechanism: A Case Study of Pakistan
by Muhammad Omer, Jakob de Haana, and Bert Scholtensa

Financial Development, Financial Liberalization and Institutions Nexus in selected Sample of Middle Income Countries
by Priscilla Pervez , Samia Nasreen

Financial Constraints, Firms’ Investments And Performance Of Manufacturing Sector Of Pakistan; A Cross Industry Analysis
by Shagufta Ahmad, Shahid Mansoor Hashmi 

Financial Liberalization And Economic Growth: A Panel Investigation
by Syed Fareed Ullah  and Shahid Mansoor Hashmi 

 Tapping the Regional Economic Integration; CPEC, ECO, SAARC, ASEAN

 Quest for Prosperity; Indigenous Experiences, New Paradigms, Sustainability and Suitability

Getting Our Act Together: A Case of Improving Trade Facilitation in South Asia
Azeem Arslan Hassan, M. Irfan Malik, M. Hassan Hameed Khan, Mumtaz Anwar

General Equilibrium Analysis of Pakistan’s Free Trade Agreements: A Global CGE Approach
Naseeb Zada

Imminent Prosperity at the Doorsteps of Households: Evidence from Socio-kinetics of Rashakai Economic Zone Using Innovative Two Point Model
Ejaz Gul, Imran Sharif Chaudhry

Prosperity and Instability: An Evaluation of Legatum Prosperity Index
Abdul Jalil Khan, Rizwan Ahmed

Agricultural Reforms; modernization and Agro-based Industrial development

Enhancing Agriculture Efficiency: The Differential Impact of Communication Technologies And Other Modernization Techniques
Annus Azhar, Javeria Khalid, Avais Tahir, Shahid Adil

Assessment of Water Sources Other than Satpara Nullah Irrigating SDP Command Area
AKRSP, University of Peshawar

Analysis of Reactive Adaptations By Rice Farmers Towards Climate Change-A Case Study Of Rice-Wheat Zone Of Punjab, Pakistan
Rabia Shahid, Irfan Ahmad Baig

Impact of Agricultural Land Inequality on Human Development in Punjab
M. Qasim, Zahid Pervaiz
Amatul R. Chaudhary

Macroeconomic Policies in Changing Global & Local Landscape

Impact of Technical Barriers to Trade and Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures on Pakistan Exports
Noor-e-Hera, Saima Shafique, Amir Mustafa

Medium Term Budgetary Framework Issues, Challenges and Prospects In Pakistan
Saif Ullah Khalid, M. Jehangir Khan, Karim Khan

Business Cycle Decomposition and its Determinants: An evidence from Pakistan
Usama Ehsan Khan, Syed Monis Jawed

Government Borrowing And Macroeconomic Dynamics Of Pakistan
Mudassar Rashid, M. Abeer Farooq, Shahzada M. Naeem Nawaz

Finding the Tipping Point When Sovereign and Domestic Debt Turn Bad: A Case of Pakistan
M. Ali Shah, M. Iftikhar ul Husnain
M. Arshad Khan, Aneel Salman
M. Aamir Khan

How Tariff Reduction Impact Global Economy- A Case Of Wood Economy Of Pakistan
Arshad Mahmood Malik

Modeling the Shadow Economy and Its Dynamics In Case of Pakistan
Sumeet Ashok, Ahsan Ul Haq
Mahmood Khalid

Innovation, Productivity and Economic Growth & Industrial Development

Tapping the Regional Economic Integration; CPEC, ECO, SAARC, ASEAN

Quantifying firm level innovation in Pakistan and its consequences for public policy

Izza Aftab

Developing a Diverse Industrial Structure for Long-Term Growth: A Critical Analysis of Pakistan’s Industrial Planning

Nazeef Ishtiaq, Ahmed Chaudhry

Do Income Growth and Trade Expansion Reallocate the Ecological Footprints? A case study of Pakistan

M. Imran Khan, Fatima Athar

Nexus between Socio-Economic Impact Of CPEC And Tolerance: A Case Study Of District Peshawar

M. Adil Saleem, Wasim Shahid Malik, Asma Saeed

Quest for Prosperity; Indigenous Experiences, New Paradigms, Sustainability and Suitability

Social Capital and Economic Growth: Tolerance, Harmony and Trust

Multidimensional Child Poverty Measurement and its Mapping: Case of Balochistan, Pakistan

Abdul Hameed, Ihtsham ul Haq Padda

Impact of Institutional Trust on Subjective Well-being in Selected Asian Countries

Rabia Kalsoom, Aisha Asif, Muhammad Rizwan Yaseen

Effect of Social Capital on Economic Growth: A Case Study of Pakistan (1980-2016)

Sadia Safdar, Azra Khan, Farzana Shaheen, Sehar Munir

An Inquiry into Social Capital and Economic Growth Relation and Determinants of Social Capital: A Worldwide Perspective

Muhammad Nadeem

Financial Liberalization and Business Development

Emergence of Financial Inclusion in Developing Economies: A Case Study of China and Pakistan

Ramiz-ur-Rehman, Inayat U. Mangla

Role of Financial Sector Development in the Growth Effectiveness of Trade Openness: Empirical Evidence from SAARC Countries

 Mirajul Haq, Ms. Aliya Jabeen, Iftikhar Ahmad

Agricultural Finance: Opportunities for Banks in Cotton Value Chain 

Khalid Mushtaq, Muhammad Asad Ur Rehman Naseer

Changing Pattern of Pakistan Stock Exchange Convergence from Global Market to Chinese Market after the CPEC Agreement

Abdul Wahid, M. Zubair Mumtaz

Quest for Prosperity; Indigenous Experiences, New Paradigms, Sustainability and Suitability

Agricultural Reforms; modernization and Agro-based Industrial development

Macroeconomic Policies in Changing Global & Local Landscape

Food Consumption Patterns and Nutrition Disparity in Pakistan

Adnan Haider, Masroor Zaidi

 Macroeconomic Policies and Output Loss from Sudden Stop of FDI

Mehdi Yazdani

 Foreign Remittances and Poverty Alleviation in Pakistan

 Ahmed Raza Cheema, Ian Coxhead

Diarrheal Diseases Due To Unsafe Drinking Water In Pakistan: A Defensive Behavior Approach

Muhammad Sameer Kayani
Salik Javed Barry, Fizzah Iftikhar Allawala, Heman Das Lohano