34th AGM Conference Papers

Agriculture and Climate Change 
Physical Targets and Financial Allocation Under Billion Trees Afforestation Project, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A Systems’ Analysis of Project Allocation for Forest Area Growth

Naila Nazir, Waseem Ahmad, Muhammad Qasim

Drought Monitoring across Agro-Climatic Zones: Empirical Reflections of Trends and Tendencies from Pakistan

Shumaila Sadiq, Abdul Saboor

Do democracy foster Agricultural Efficiency in Pakistan: A Historical Perspective

Qaiser Munir, Muhammad Afzal, Kanza Sohail, Hania Afzal

Environmental Degradation in Developed and Developing Countries from the Stand Point of Financial Development and Institutional Quality

Muzian Batool, Muhammad Jamil

Bt Cotton, Formers Beliefs and Health Impacts: Evidence from Pakistan

Shahzad Kouser, David J. Spielman

Can a Rule-of-Thumb Tool Improve Fertilizer Management? Experimental Evidence from Bangladesh

Mahnaz Isla, Sabrin Beg

Export, Trade and Industry
Impact of South-South Trade Agreement on Exports of Pakistan

Adeel Ahmad Dar

Mr. Taj Muhammad

Muhammad Wasif Siddiqi

Pakistan’s Export Potential with ACU Countries: An Application of Augmented Gravity Model

Saddam Ilyas, Junaid Kamal, Manzoor Hussain Malik

Environmental Kuznets Curve: An Application of Heterogeneous Panel Methods Robust to Cross Sectional Dependence and Structural Breaks

Iqra Mazhar,

Priority Industries for Relocation under CPEC – Integrating Pakistan in the Chinese Value Chains

Fahd Amjad, Khurrum S Mughal, Yasir Arrfat

Social Bouquet of China Pakistan Economic Corridor: Boosting Marble Industry and Socioeconomic Prosperity of Households by Development of Mohmand Marble City

Ejaz Gul

Price Inefficiency and Hegemony in Textile Manufacturing Industry of Punjab: A Data Envelopment Analysis

Muhammad Nadeem, Majid Ali Rana, Mumtaz Anwar

Labor market Dynamics
Assessment of Labor Market Dynamics in The Cities of Punjab: Implications for CPEC

Naila Tasneem

Job Finding Rate and Female Labor Supply- A Heterogeneity Perspective: Evidence from Pakistan

Nargis, Nooreen Mujahid

The effect of exposure to violence on household savings: evidence from drug war on Mexico

Zahra Albohmood

Credit Risk Assessment of Banking Sector of Pakistan a Macro Linked-Micro Crisis Exploration Approach

Fareeha Adil, Shahid Mansoor Hashmi

Can Women Empowerment Explain Cross-Country Differences in Inequality? A Global Perspective

Amjad Naveed, Cong Wang

Impact of Social, Physical, and Financial Infrastructure on Economic Growth: A Panel Data Analysis of Developed and Developing Countries 

Muhammad Jamil, Sundas Abbasi, Mishal-e-Noor

Fiscal, Monetary policy and Debt Management
External debt and capital accumulation nexus: Evidence from Pakistan

Tahir Mukhtar, Abida Yousaf

Interest Rate and Economic Growth Nexus in Pakistan: An Investigation using Maximum Entropy Bootstrap Approach

Uzma Bashir, Mumtaz Ahmed, Muhammad Arshad Khan

Impact of Government’s Spending on the Welfare in Pakistan Economy

Safia Minhaj, Muhammed Nishat

Market Based Assessment of External Debt Sustainability – Evidence from Pakistan

Jamshed Y. Uppal, Inayat Ullah Mangla

Impact of Monetary Policy on Socio Economic Indicators: A Case Study of developing Asian Economies

Tahir Yousaf, Ghulam Ghouse, Atiq-Ur-Rehman

Flexible Inflation Targeting and Relevance of Monetary Aggregates for Inflation in Pakistan

Fayyaz Hussain

Financial Sector Development
Market Liquidity and Stock Returns: A Case of Pakistan

Ramiz ur Rehman, Inayat Ullah Mangla

Innovation and Access to Finance: International Evidence from Developing Markets

Safi Ullah Khan, Atta Ullah Shah, Mohammad Faisal Rizwan

Financial Frictions and Optimal Policy Response to Shocks

Saira Tufail, Ather Maqsood Ahmad

Switching Costs, Profitability and Competition in Pakistan Banking

Wei Yin; Muhammad Jehangir Khan; Huixin Xie

Survival Analysis of Foreign Banks in Pakistan

Qurat u lain, Muhammad Azmat Hayat

Pakistan: Withholdingization of Economic System – A Source of Revenue, Civil Strife, or Dutch Disease+? 

Muhammad Ashfaq Ahmed

Poverty, Inequality and Human Development
Inequality in Child Mortality: A Household Level Analysis of Pakistan

Zainab Jehan, Sadia Sherbaz

Measuring the multidimensional poverty: A case study of district Sargodha

Ansar Abbas, Masood Sarwar Awan,Muhammad Waqas, Ayesha Ashraf

Income Inequality, Intergenerational Mobility and Human Development in Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis

Zahid Pervaiz, Shahla Akram, Amatul R. Chaudhary

Multisectoral Approach to Nutrition in Pakistan

Muhammad Ali,

Transaction cost of Justice in Pakistan: A case study of Peshawar High Court (202)

Sabir Shah, Muhammad Imran Khan, Karim Khan, Lubna Hasan

Meditation for Level of Institutional Quality to Combat Income Inequality through Financial Development

Ghulam Rasool Madni

Infrastructure, Social Capital and Growth
The Economic Geography of Infrastructure in Asia: The Role of Institutions and Regional Integration

Saima Nawaz, Inayat U. Mangla

Understanding the Contribution of Social Capital to Human Development: Evidence from Panel Data

Moina Rauf, A.R. Chaudhary

Anna Karenina Principle and Life in a Developing Country

Hamid Hussain, Asma Hyder

Structural Impediments to Livelihood Diversification in Rural Areas: Evidence from Disaster Prone District in Rural Sindh, Pakistan

Manzoor Hussain Memon, Muhammad Ali, Samina Khalil

How Socio-Economic Conditions Affect Voting Turnouts in Pakistan? A District-Level Analysis

Ahmed Chaudhry, Umair Mazher, Mannan Hassan Khan

The Social Inclusion and Inequality Nexus: EU versus non-EU migrants

Amjad Naveed, Cong Wang