35th AGM Conference Papers

Conference Proceedings
Political Economy of Elite Capture and Clientelism in Public Resources Distribution: Theory and Evidence from Balochistan, Pakistan

Manzoor Ahmed
Growth without Inclusion: Evidence from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan.

Muhammad Nasir, Tahira Tauheed, Adnan Haider
Institutional Development

Dr. Arshad Ahmad
Political Dynasties and Service Delivery: Evidence from Rural Health Clinics in Pakistan.

Faiz Ur Rehman, Noman Ahmad
Mechanized Content Quality Audit of Information Industry in Capitalist Economies.

Aimen Tayyab, Sumra Abbas
Measuring the Career Aspirations and Its Leading Determinants among Youth in Muzaffarabad, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Syeda Summera, Bushra Yasmin
Impact of Parental Occupation on Career Aspirations.

Fatimah Shah, Zunia Saif Tirmazee
Information and Communication Technology and CO2 Emissions Nexus for Asian Economies: Evidence from Heterogeneous Income Groups.

Muhammad Tariq Majeed, Amna Ahsen, Maria Mazhar
Impact of Climate Change on Livelihood of Wheat Farmers in District Chakwal.

Syed Asif Ali Naqvi, Muhammad Laeeq, Muhammad Usman, and Bilal Hussain
Uncovering the Impact of Improved Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation on Gendered Subjective Well-being on Punjab, Pakistan.

Ammar Anwar, Shahzad Kouser
Assessing the Quality of Urbanization across Size Classes of Urban Area in India.

Annesha Mukherjee
An Analysis of Urban Sprawl in Pakistan: Causes, Consequences and Policies Analyses.

Nooreen Mujahid, Azeema Begum
Revitalizing Street Economy: An Economic Analysis

Nasir Iqbal
Regional Diversity of Sustainable Economic Development in Province Punjab of Pakistan.

Hafsah Batool, Muhammad Afzal
A Multiscale Analysis of Housing Demand for Tenants Seen Through Theories of Locational Choice in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Abid Rehman, Faisal Jamil
Dynamic Consequences of 2009 NFC Award: Social Sector Public Delivery.

Afzal Mahmood, Kanwal Zahra
Is Economic Growth Inclusive in Punjab, Pakistan? A District Level Assessment Using the Composite Index.

Ghulam Mohey-ud-Din, Khadija Ikram
Absorptive capacities and economic growth in low and middle income economies

Muhammad Salar Khan
Estimation of Financial Inclusion Index for Developing Countries.

Rabia Hasan, Mehak Ejaz
Role of Financial Literacy and Financial Self Efficacy on Financial Inclusion in Pakistan.

Nimra Noor, Irem Batool
The Role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on Agricultural Production: Evidence from South Punjab, Pakistan.

Mohsin Raza, Bilal Mehmood
Economic Transaction Sludge: Building Evidence From Pakistan

Naseem Faraz, Ahmad Waqar Qasim
Is Labour Pooling Foundation for Agglomeration? The Nexus between Agglomeration and Workers’ Skills

Farah Atiq, Ambreen Fatima, Faisal Sultan Qadri
Developing a Policy Solution to Address Child Labour: The Case of Afghan Refugee.

Ajmal Kakar
Internationally Linked Firms and Productivity in Pakistan: A Look at the Top End of the Distribution

Stefania Lovo, Gonzalo Varela
Food Price Puzzle and Climatic Shocks Heightened Pakistan: An Application of Machine Intelligence

Abdul Subhan, Nabila Khurshid, Zarwa Shah and Usman Shakoor
Time Allocation Pattern for Different Activities by Using Economic Value of Time: A Gender Based Analysis in Pakistan

Hamna Nasir, Ambreen Fatima, Shaista Alam

Are Residential Properties of Reputed Housing Societies Overpriced in Pakistan?

Abdul Wahid, Muhammad Zubair Mumtaz, Oskar Kowalewski