Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

MPhil Public Policy Student’s Academic Visits

1. The PIDE School of Public Policy organised a students’ visit to Institute of Policy Studies, Islamabad (IPS) on September 21, 2016. The IPS LEAD program (the Learning, Excellence and Development Program of Institute of Policy Studies (IPS)) was designed for young social scientists enrolled in MPhil, LLM or PhD programs in various disciplines including public policy to provide them an a place where they could brainstorm for ideas for their research topics with senior researchers, policy analysts and practitioners. The occasion took place at Institute of Policy Studies, Nasr Chambers, 1, MPCHS Commercial Centre, E-11/3, Islamabad. The students appreciated the activity.

2. Students attended “CPA ASIA REGIONAL HOT TOPIC FORUM” organised by The Senate of Pakistan in collaboration of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) at Marriott Hotel Islamabad on 24-25 November, 2016.

3. Students attended the Nineteenth Sustainable Development Conference titled “Sustainable Development: Envisaging the Future Together”. The event was organised by organised by SDPI during 06-08 December 2016 at Marriott Hotel
Islamabad, Pakistan.

4. Students attended the Seminar titled “Fostering Culture of Peace through Education” held at PIPS on February 28, 2017.