About Demand Driven Research

The RASTA’s Demand-Driven Research (DDR) is a pro-active evidence-based research approach to inform governments’ policy-making processes. The aim of the DDR is to provide timely and cost-effective research support meeting the public policy demand for evidence-based policymaking in Pakistan. The objective is to fulfil the demand for research on several pertaining economic/public policy issues in the government, at federal, provincial and local levels; highlighted by the government organizations, RAC members and experts at PIDE.

DDR List of Projects

DDR # (Year)Project TitleApproved BudgetDuration
Approved DDR projects
DDR-001 (2021)Power Sector: An Enigma with No Easy SolutionPKR 5.0 million08 monthsIn progress (Book)
DDR-002 (2021)Housing Sector in PakistanPKR 3.5 million08 monthsIn progress (Book)
DDR-004 (2021)Regulatory Environment of the “Professions” in Pakistan: Outline & Proposals for ReformPKR 0.988 million04 monthsIn progress (Research Report)
DDR-006 (2021)PIDE CitypediaPKR 84.90 million12 monthsIn progress (20 Research Reports)
DDR-007 (2021)Social CapitalPKR 6.55 million12 monthsIn progress (Research Report)
DDR-008 (2021)Effectiveness of Training & Development Institutes in the Public Sector of PakistanPKR 1.57 million10 monthsIn progress (Research Report)
DDR-010 (2021)Sludge in PakistanPKR 3.29 million04 monthsPublished 11 Research ReportsIn progress (39 Research Reports)
DDR-011 (2021)Agricultural Commodity Markets in PakistanPKR 1.0 million04 monthsIn progress (Research Report)
Proposed DDR projects under review/approval
DDR-010-A (2021)Sludge: Cost of Bureaucracy in PakistanTBC04 monthsProposed (40 Research Reports)
DDR-012Pakistan RailwaysTBC08 monthsProposed Book