Who can apply for RASTA research grants?

Individuals and/or groups of researchers, academicians, graduate students, scholars, professionals, practitioners, freelancers, and organizations (both government and non-government) with interest in economic growth, development and public policy issues of Pakistan.

Is there any specific application form?

Yes, there are three specific application forms to be filled and submitted via email to [email protected]. These forms include:

  • RASTA Form A-1 (Cover Sheet)
  • RASTA Form A-2 (Research Proposal – Technical)
  • RASTA Form A-3 (Proposed Budget – Financial)

Is there any specific format/outline of research proposal?

Yes, use RASTA Form A-2 & A-3 for technical and financial proposals, respectively.

Can we submit research proposals which are not relevant to the RASTA themes?

Research proposals which are in line with the given themes/topics will be entertained. Having said that, proposals on similar topics/questions will also be entertained. Keep following RASTA updates on website and Twitter as there will be more rounds of RASTA Call for Research Proposals with new/additional themes. 

How long should a research proposal be?

See application guidelines on RASTA website and on page 1 of RASTA Form A-2. The main body of the research proposal (technical) must not exceed 12 single-spaced pages with 12 font size, using Times New Roman/Cambria font.

Can I submit two or more research proposals in a round?

An applicant can submit two research proposals; one research proposal as PI and one research proposal as Co-PI; or can be a part of teams as Co-PI in two research proposals. 

What is double-blind review process?

All CGP applications are evaluated through a double-blind review process. This means, both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. This is the hallmark of the RASTA programme that ensures ‘no nepotism’ and ‘no favouritism’.

I am a RASTA CGP Fellow (awardee). Am I eligible to apply?

According to the RAC decision, existing Awardees (RASTA Fellows) are NOT eligible until they complete their existing CGP research project. They can apply for the CGP grant once they present their (completed) work at the RASTA Conference.

When would RASTA announce the awards?

After the deadline, the review process usually takes 10-12 weeks to announce the CGP Awards.

What is the maximum time duration of a project?

Maximum time duration of a project is 12 months.

What should be the minimum and maximum research project duration?

There is no restriction on minimum duration of a study. The maximum duration of a research project is 12 months.

What is the size of CGP grant?

Up to Rupees 5.0 million. Read budget guidelines.

How many grants are there for this round?

RASTA has more than sufficient grants available to fund multiple research projects.

Can I apply for an ongoing project?

Yes, you may. The decision to finance an ongoing project will be made through a competitive review process and approval of the RASTA Research Advisory Committee (RAC).

Can I apply for partial funding?

Yes, you may. You must inform/take permission from the existing sponsor of your research and have to acknowledge both funding sources in your research product. The decision to finance/not to finance your study will be made through a competitive review process and approval of the RAC.

I am writing a book chapter/book on a topic related to RASTA theme. Am I eligible?

Yes, if the proposal is in line with the RASTA theme/topic that involves new research related to the chapter/book. 

Will there be a possibility to get extension in deliverables?

Deliverables such as ‘interim report’ and ‘final report/paper’ are linked with RASTA review workshops, RASTA conferences, and review meetings of the RAC. Extension of these deadlines is unlikely. However, the RAC/Mentor may allow a few weeks extension on the basis of unavoidable circumstances; on case-to-case basis.

How are research proposals reviewed?

After application submission, research proposals are reviewed by RAC members in detail. Proposals with highest scores are shortlisted and invitations are sent to PI & Co-PIs to present their research proposal in the RASTA CGP Review Workshop, followed by the RAC meeting to finalise awards. The complete CGP process and criteria for the reviews are given on the RASTA website.

Do I need to submit my data collection instruments and data collected in the project?

Yes, data collection instruments, all data collected, and work produced under RASTA will have to be submitted for authenticity checks. Confidentiality of data instruments and data will be ensured.

What is RASTA’s policy on plagiarism?

Plagiarism in any form is not allowed. Applicants are strongly encouraged to cite and reference properly. All submissions/deliverables will be checked for plagiarism. A 15% similarity index is acceptable (excluding references/bibliography).

What is the citation and reference style for RASTA?

APA Style

Should we include cost for RASTA interim and final report workshop and conference in our budget estimates?

No, do not include any workshop/conference related expense in your budget. RASTA will make all necessary travel and logistics arrangements for its Fellows.

What would be the breakdown of grant disbursement?

30% at the time of award (inception report); 30% at the interim report stage (mid-term review workshop); and 40% after the final submission and approval of RAC (RASTA Conference/workshop).

Where do I include the budget justification/narrative?

In RASTA Form A-3: Proposed Budget – Financial

What is the permitted maximum institutional overhead cost allowed in RASTA program? 
A maximum of 10% of the calculated budget is permissible. To claim this, RASTA CGP Desk and M&E Desk would require you to present NOC from your organisation and prove of payment evidence.

Can RAC members apply for CGP?

No, RAC Members and their family members (spouse and children) are not eligible for CGP grants.

What is the role of Mentors?

Mentors are the RAC Members assigned on every CGP funded study. Usually, two mentors are assigned on each study. They are there to provide technical assistance/research guidance to the awardees, if needed. Although the whole RAC evaluates the progress during the mid-term review workshop and at the conference, it is the mentor who fills the evaluation forms and recommends release of funds instalments.

What is the role of M&E Desk?

The RASTA M&E Desk is there to facilitate the whole research process from the inception report to the release of final payments after the conference presentation/ publication of RASTA Working Paper. The Manager M&E stays in contact with the awardees and conduct quarterly ‘CGP Progress Review’ exercise.

If there any grievances redressal mechanism at RASTA?

Yes, in case of any complaint regarding CGP process or procedure, you may write to the ‘Project Director RASTA’ at PIDE and address the ‘RASTA Project Management Team’ that is headed by the Chairman RAC / Vice Chancellor PIDE.

Can I present by research findings at a different forum other than RASTA?

RASTA Fellows may present their work-in-progress at national / international conferences and/or workshops with the prior (written) approval from the RASTA PMT at PIDE Islamabad. Remember, RASTA reserves all the rights of the research funded under its programme. However, after the publication of a Working Paper and Policy Brief, the RASTA Fellow will be given the rights to publish the paper anywhere/in any form; but not before that.

I have a question which is not listed here. What should I do?

Write to us at [email protected] or call +92 (051) 9248144