Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Webinars Brief 10:2020
Foreign Aid To Pakistan
Publication Year : 2020

The evaluation of foreign aid outcomes dominates the aid debate and the practical working of the aid policy processes was not focused much. ♦ Aid delivery systems have transformed considerably as today there are a huge number of development partners and actors in aid delivery systems. ♦ According to OECD data, there were 153 international donors which provided official development assistance to 146 countries in 2017. ♦ In 2018-19 there were 34 bilateral donors, 33 multilateral donors which are managing more than 2,000 project activities in Pakistan. ♦ A loan management process involves 6 phases and around 25 steps whereas the grant management process involves 5 phases and around 13-16 steps. ♦ Negotiation, signing, recording, disbursement, repayment and closing are major phases in the loan management process while major phases in the grant management process involve negotiation, signing, recording, disbursement and closing.