Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
Hiring Practices of Fast Food Franchises in Islamabad
Publication Year : 2020

Today the fast food industry has emerged as the second largest in Pakistan. It accounts for 27% of value added production and 16% of the total employment in the manufacturing sector, catering to almost 180 million consumers. Pakistan is the world’s 8th largest market for fast food consumption and related businesses. Another survey highlights that in Pakistan on average consumers spend 42% of their income on food. As a result, supermarkets are popular and account for 10% of all retail food sales. In general, with changing eating habits of Pakistanis contributing to sales, food sales are increasing at the rate of 21% annually. Of that 21%, fast food sales more than 20% making it not only one of the fastest growing businesses of the country but also in the world .