Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Impact of CPEC on Social Welfare in Pakistan: A District Level Analysis

The main objective of this study is to forecast the short run net impact of CPEC projects on social welfare for all provinces and districts of Pakistan related to its three dimensions of welfare; education, health and housing. The development vitality of this mega project indicates that there will be 5.21 percent growth in social welfare in Pakistan, up till 2020. At provincial level highest growth in social welfare impact can be ranked as in Balochistan (6.4 percent), Sindh (6.31 percent), KP (5.19 percent), and Punjab (3.5 percent), respectively. The net impact can also be depicted by its three dimensions of social welfare; education 3.85 percent, health 4.74 percent and housing 8.6 percent, also indicating high growth in terms of living standards. Districts which have high level of poverty and unemployment will significantly improve quality of life relative to other districts. Furthermore, districts which are located on its three routes also depict substantial growth in its welfare dimensions. Finally, the realisation of CPEC is a manifestation of the shared dream of unprecedented prosperity for the region.

Rashida Haq And Nadia Farooq

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