Pakistan Institute of Development Economics


Inaugural Address
Author: Sartaj Aziz

Dr Asad Zaman, Distinguish Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen I am very pleased to be here for the Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE) Annual General Meeting (AGM) and conference this year. It is always been a matter of great pleasure while addressing to the participants of conference, comprises of students, renowned economists, academicians, politicians and scholars from home and abroad. This constellation of economists, policy-makers and members of civil society organisations at one platform is vital for the academicians and policymakers to frame the better policies for Pakistan. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt that such intellectual gatherings play an anchor role against the odds and challenges that confront us today. I have a staunch belief that such scholarly congregations can certainly help a great deal in finding out ways and means to improve our long term growth prospects. Two years ago, when I came here and addressed at the inaugural address we spoke about inclusive growth. Now, we are aiming for the strategy of inclusive growth which I am sure is addressing the poverty and inequality of our country in a better way. It is one of the successes of the PSDE that every year they always came up with an important theme. Interestingly, they invited experts to express their opinions on that particular theme, which will surely help policymakers to carve out their policies in the right direction. I am delighted that the PSDE is organising this year’s (AGM and conference on the theme of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). At a time when Pakistan’s economy is gearing up for rapid economic growth and broad based development, CPEC is expected to play a pivotal role in transforming the economy through better connectivity, improved energy supplies, industrial, and agricultural development. Our development strategy is people centric and we believe that development has to be of the people, for the people, and by the people. Therefore, our vision of development is based on inclusiveness and social justice. CPEC is part of our broader development agenda that focuses on inclusive and sustainable growth; human and social capital; value addition and competitiveness; modernisation of infrastructure; and regional and global connectivity. Due to its multi-faceted activities, CPEC promises to bring substantial dividends for Pakistan’s economy by boosting long term growth potential, creating job opportunities, and improving trade linkages. Sartaj Aziz is Chancellor of the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics, and Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.


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