Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 1
Spading the real estate industry in Pakistan
Publication Year : 2021

There is a commonly found motivation to invest in real-estate market in Pakistan. Rightly so, for the peer assurance that the investment is risk free, yields greater return, and greater degree of informality. However, as researcher, the question in hindsight is What is real estate industry in Pakistan? How does it fundamentally differ from the other real estate markets worldwide? And above all, if this is a misnomer? Real Estate is an important part of economic activity and wealth creation, partly because housing is a basic need. Secondly, real estate is a huge investment attraction worldwide. However, the real estate in Pakistan differs significantly because of excessive plot making, sprawl, filing system, and extravagant speculation. The webinar organised by the Pakistan Institute of Development Economics discussed the issues of industry in detail with voicing of stakeholders. To begin with, there’s dearth of research in this billion-dollar industry in Pakistan. There does not exist any real estate research centre in Pakistan nor does any university offers a dedicated degree in the subject.