Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol. 2 Issue 9
Unfolding of the Kabul’s Future
Publication Year : 2021

Taliban, after 20 years of struggle are once again back in Kabul. Two decades of war achieved nothing. More than two trillion dollars and thousands of lives for what? Only to replace Taliban with Taliban. Though, it is pertinent to note that the Taliban (the students) have grown exceedingly mature over time. The taking over of Kabul proved to be very smooth and without any bloodshed. Taliban are also giving assurances again and again that they will formulate an inclusive government, will guarantee all rights to women within the ambit of Islam, will not let anyone use Afghan soil against anyone, will engage in constructive engagements with the world and with neighbors in particular, will not take revenge, and have also reached out to minorities, saying that will be given all fundamental rights and protection; they don’t need to leave for the fear of persecution.