Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 8
Why Should We Not Rush For 5G?
Publication Year : 2021

The prevailing Covid-19 situation has revealed how internet access has become a basic necessity of our life. As per stats available on PTA website, there are 100 Million 3G/4G subscribers in the country and 103 Million broadband subscribers. These are quite encouraging numbers but a lot more needs to be done to extend internet coverage to all especially to unserved and underserved and most deprived areas of the country. All mobile operators working in the country have rolled out their network infrastructure to maximum limits and again as per PTA stats we have achieved 84% of the cellular Teledensity. Therefore, two prime and immediate goals of the government and the concerned institutions are proposed: to achieve hundred percent Teledensity and to ensure hundred percent 3G/4G coverage on all installed cell sites. Mobile operators do have their own motives to immediately catch on to latest developing technologies but it is the regulators and government’s role to make sure that things are being implemented in the best interest of both mobile operators and the people of Pakistan.