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Contribution to PIDE Research

Are we an agri-rural country?

June 2022

Property Agents and the Question of Real Estate Market Capture

Blockchain technology and Pakistan’s Real Estate Market

An Analysis of the Real Estate Brokerage Market in Pakistan

Property Rights In Pakistan: Laws, Regulations, Transfers & Enforcement

March 2022

Monetising performance

February 2022

The Changing Rural Landscape in Pakistan: Labor Markets and Consumption Patterns

December 2021

Tax Reforms in Pakistan: Historic and Critical View (Book)

December 2021

What is the Size of the Government Footprint on Pakistan’s Economy?

December 2021

Increasing Space For Investment & Entrepreneurship Through Reducing The Footprint Of Government On The Economy In Pakistan

November 2021

Internet And The Right To Information

August 2021

HEC and higher education 

June 2021

Unpacking Poverty And Poverty Graduation

January 2021

The Narrow Corridor: How Nations Struggle For Liberty

January 2021

Cities For Humanity And Development

July 2020

Towards A Stable Economy And Politics

June 2020

Estimating the Footprint of Government on the Economy

January 2020