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A Note on Changes in Real Wages of Government Servants, 1959-60 to 1975-76

An attempt has been made in this paper to estimate the changes that have taken place in the real wages of government servants from 1959-60 to 1975-76. In 1972, the government servants were classified in 22 categories. For purposes of comparison, the various posts in 1959-60 were grouped into categories which correspond to the 22 categories of 1972. The wages include the basic salary at the minimum of the scale, plus allowances and other fringe benefits such as housing subsidy/house rent, dearness, conveyance and other allowances expressed in money terms at current prices in 1959-60, 1972 and 1975-76 as per details given in Appendix Tables I, II and III respectively.

M. L. Qureshi, Faiz Bilquees

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