ORIC Introduction

PIDE established Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) under the auspices of the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The objective of the establishment (ORIC) is aligned with HEC to develop, improve and manage the University’s research programs and to link research activities directly to the educational, social and economic priorities of the University and the broader community. The ORIC is also responsible for ensuring that the quality of research reflects the highest international standards and advance the stature of the university among the top research institutions in the world.

In pursuing this mission, the ORIC has a responsibility to ensure that all research programs and policies reflect the core values of academic freedom, professional integrity and ethical conduct and full compliance with all policies, legal requirements and operational standards of the university.

The ORIC is to improve the environment for all research and Linkages by:

  •  Supporting the university’s strategic research directions and policies
  •  Increasing and diversifying external research funding
  •  Improving recruitment and retention of top faculty
  •  Improving integration of research and education at all levels of the university
  •  Improving translation of research into the public benefit
  •  Strengthening university-industry relationships
  •  Promoting entrepreneurship, technology-transfer and commercialization activities that energize and support the local and national economy
  •  Promoting and enhancing cross-cutting and multi-disciplinary research initiatives
ORIC Vision & Mission

PIDE aspires to be an academic leader recognized for innovation and quality in research and learning, international standing in strategic research areas, and commitment to collaborate with industry for sustainable economic growth.

  • To promote strategic partnership with industry in global knowledge economy to intensify the partnerships that go beyond the traditional funding of discrete research projects.
  • To design and provide research and innovation activities to hone the competitiveness of organizations, in the knowledge economy.
  • To transform the role of the university for the 21st century, anchoring it as a vital center of competence to help tackle social challenges and drive economic growth.
ORIC Research Projects
  • Survey and Documentation of Buddhist Rock Carvings in Sindh-Kohistan, Sindh

  • Local Governments and Sustainable Urban Development: A Case Study of Punjab

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