Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



A Programming Model for Reduction of Import Dependence of Pakistan

Author: S.M. Naseem

The present study consists, in the main, of formulating, implementing and interpreting the results of a model which attempts to explore with the help of available data the possibilities of import substitution in Pakistan from 1963/64 to 1972/73. The model is designed to assess the realistic limits to the process of import substitution in the context of growth—taking” Into consideration such realistic factors as the growth of per capita consumption, export possibilities mobilization of domestic savings and the availability of foreign economic assist¬ance. Although in a formal sense the model is deterministic, the variation of certain exogenous elements and parameters generates enough information on the behaviour of the model to indicate the extent of substitutability and trade-offs between strategic economic aggregates which is so crucial in evaluating the different policy objectives a planner may wish to pursue.

S.M. Naseem

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