A Traverse of Illegalities in the Private Housing Societies in Islamabad

PIDE Urban Monograph Series No. 5, 2021
Publication Year : 2021

The private housing societies and their legality has gained much traction in popular media and policy circles lately. CDA estimates that of 204 housing societies in Islamabad, 140 are illegal. Our study of the status of other 64 “Authorized” societies suggests that only 22 housing societies have the required documents. This puts legal societies at 10 percent of the total. A special audit report of the Accountant General of Pakistan (2017) presents an even more dismal picture. It suggests that over 90 percent of the land (1.26 million kanals) in Zone 2, 4, and 5, is not under the purview of CDA as societies with NOC make less than 7% of the area. Most government departments, both civilian and military, are in the business of building housing societies.

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