P & R Vol.2 Issue 10
Adversity for Afghan Women: But Can Pakistanis Complain?
Publication Year : 2021
Author: Abbas Moosvi

On Tuesday the 7th of September, less than a month after assuming power of Afghanistan, the Taliban announced the structure of their government – along with the various individuals that would occupy ministerial roles in the days and months (years? decades?) ahead. Despite the nature of the buildup to this momentous event, which was colored by rhetoric of ‘inclusion, equality, and dignity’, not a single woman was granted a seat at the table for political office – which constituted 33 males. Notions of Taliban 2.0, therefore, slowly seem to be disintegrating. This was preceded by the announcement of mandatory abaya robes and niqabs (full coverings of the face, leaving only the eyes visible) for women at universities. A general culture of segregation also seems to be prevailing, with classes for women not just separate from those of men but also scheduled to end 5 minutes earlier so as to prevent any possibility of interaction. A ban on sports for women may also be imminent.

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