Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.1 Issue 1
Publication Year : 2020

Everyone among us has heard these statements in the last one and a half month, repeatedly. We must follow these guidelines. Why are we doing this? To protect ourselves and others. If we follow it religiously, we are all heroes who have some contribution in this battle against COVID-19. The motivation of this piece is to pay tribute to the contribution of our heroes especially the unsung heroes. The ones who perform their duties and do not get much recognition. Starting from doctors and nurses to the cleaning staff at hospitals, those working at helpline 1166 to lab technicians and drivers transporting the COVID-19 patients, all are heroes. They are at the front line dealing with COVID-19 positive cases. A few among them have the proper gear now but none had it initially. Teachers imparting education online and spreading awareness on prevention, researchers doing research related to COVID-19 to develop vaccine, examining behaviour of patients, looking at the socioeconomic impact of the outbreak, and the IT workers trying to develop apps to update nation on the number of cases and how to prevent from the pandemic- all are heroes. Street cleaners, garbage collectors who are making sure that the roads and streets remain clean. Vegetable and fruit vendors, grocery shopkeepers, drug store worker/owners who are providing everyone daily essential items- all are heroes in their own right.