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Arun Agrawal. Greener Pastures: Politics, Markets, and Community Among a Migrant Pastoral People. Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 1998. 219 pages. Price not given.

Author: Faisal Bari

Most literature on political economy, both in Economics and Political Science, has tended to ignore migrant communities. But these communities pose interesting questions for academics. Migrant communities tend to face hostile environments in which they have to survive. Not only do governments “encourage” them to settle down, they also get marginalised in the politics of the regions in which they tend to move (or “settle down”). Arun Agrawal addresses some of these interesting questions in his book. Arun Agrawal is Assistant Professor of Political Science at Yale University. This work, which started in 1989 and then formed a part of his doctoral dissertation at Duke University, has taken a decade to come out as a book. Some parts of it have also appeared earlier as journal articles.

Faisal Bari