Book Launch: Political Economy of Bad Governance
Webinars Brief 43:2021
Publication Year : 2021

Jamil Nasir is a Columbia alumnus and a Chevening Fellow on ‘Economic Governance and Reforms’. He is a public policy practitioner having over two and half decades of experience mainly dealing with the implementation of tax and trade policies in Pakistan. During this period, he has worked as Collector of Customs and Chief (Tariff & Trade) at the Federal Board of Revenue, Islamabad. He has also worked at the World Bank in Washington D.C. in 2010. He holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University in economic policy management. He has contributed to various journals and leading newspapers of Pakistan on economic policy, governance, and development-related issues. Aman on the street is the subject of all his writings and economics. Jamil Nasir wrote his first book ‘Development for an Equitable Society’ based on areas of our academic interest and was published in 2020. His new book ‘Political economy of bad governance’ is yet another marvelous attempt at investigating the interaction between economy, governance, and politics. His book tends to explore the issues of corruption, taxation, bad governance, and the urgent need for reforms.

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