Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Webinars Brief 01:2020
Case Management As An Approach To Improve Judicial Performance
Publication Year : 2020

Much Judicial And Legal Work Relates To Economic Transactions Which Are Increasingly Becoming More Complex. Contract Enforcement For These Transactions Requires Effective And Rapid Judicial Review For The Resources To Put To Best Use. Dr. Nadeem Started The Debate That Economics Recognizes That Without Good Institutions We Can’t Go Anywhere; We Can Have All The Money In The World, We Can Borrow Whatever We Like, But Ultimately It’S Our Institutions That Determine Our Economic Performance And Where We Are Going. After Highlighting The Problems Of Court And Judicial Laws Dr. Nadeem Highlighted The Overall Problems In The Country Like Weak Institutions, Flawed Democracy Over Regulated Markets, Election, Tenure, And Voting Laws, Aversion To Merit, Competence Of The Civil Services, Mismanaged Energy Sector, and so on..