Cash Poor, Perk (Plots, Privileges) Rich! Civil Service Compensation: Incentives, Dissatisfaction, and Costs
Webinars Brief 45:2021
Author: Aqsa Gul
Publication Year : 2021

Overview of the Report by Dr. Durr-e-Nayab The session started with presenting the report before participants. The report quantifies all the aspects of compensation and perks to civil servants and develops a strategy to monetize all parks in line with modern practices of Human Resource Management. It provides insights into details of perks and allowances advanced to civil servants. The report also presents a comparison between perks to civil servants and those of international employees of comparable cadres. The report provides a brief history of civil services with a focus on pay structure, perks, privileges, and recruitment/promotions. The report unpacks the compensation package of the civil service and recommends the needed reforms. The study looks into some key issues within the civil services that include: cash payments, non-cash rewards, inequality in the distribution of perks, waste of precious land for housing, pay and performance disconnect, a bias between cadre and noncadre officials, and marginalized specialized groups. Furthermore, the report looks into the public sector pension system of Pakistan and presents a comparison with the private sector compensation structure while providing international evidence. The report, finally, presents the future course of action about competitive compensation, monetization of in-kind benefits, management model, and other social welfare considerations of the public servants.

Edited by Hafsa Hina, Design by Afzal Balti.