Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Causes of Youth Unemployment in Pakistan

Over the years, many less developed nations and the developing nations have tried to wipe-out the intensity of unemployment, which seems quite prevalent and widespread among these countries. The reasons and causes for this have remained subject to different interpretations depending upon the specifications, demographics, and regional profiles of different countries, thus the perceptions regarding having a plausible solution lacks concurrency. Not surprisingly among these unemployed a vast majority and victims belongs to young age group. According to ILO, there are 160 million unemployed people in the world and 40 percent of those out of work are young people (World youth report 2003). Pakistan is no exception to this, not only unemployment rates have been beyond reasonable limits but also a vast majority who fall prey to this belongs to youth category (Labour Force Survey 2003-04, 2005-06).

Waqqas Qayyum