Technical Paper Series 19
Chronic And Transitory Poverty In Pakistan: Evidence From A Longitudinal Household Survey
Publication Year : 2006

Poverty Is Not A Static Condition. Rather, Poverty Status Of People Generally Changes Over Timeóthey Move Into And Out Of Poverty. However, Many People Remain In Poverty For A Long Period, And This Extended Duration Of The Poverty Status Is The Distinguishing Feature Of Ëchronic Povertyí. Chronically Poor May Live In Poverty For Ever, And Their Poverty May Be Inherited By Their Children. They Have Little Access To Productive Assets And Have Low Capabilities In Terms Of Health, Education, And Social Capital. Living In Poverty For Long Period Is Not Only A Symptom Of Past Deprivation, It Is Also The Cause Of Future Destitution. There Is Increasing Evidence That Growth And The Prospects For Longterm Poverty Reduction Are Held Back By Inequality And By The Low Returns That The Poorest People Get On Their Labour [Cprc1 (2005)].