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Cities-Engines of Growth
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Cities-Engines of Growth

Publication Year : 2020
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Title :- Cities – The Engines of Growth
Editor(s) :- Nadeem Ul Haque ; Durr-e-Nayab
Edition :- 2nd
Year :-2020
Publisher:- Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE), Islamabad.


Cities – engines of growth addresses a deficiency in the research in Pakistan on cities. As the adage goes, all roads lead to Rome, and literally or otherwise, all roads do in face lead to one magnificent city. Cities are foundational to a nation’s economic, intellectual, and cultural development. Even though urbanization is taking center stage in national discourse, there is a wholesale dearth of research on urban issues and cities in the country. This book is the culmination of a 2006 conference “Cities: The Engine of Growth” organized by PIDE. The text is a collection of papers presented at the conference on four areas of concern. Understanding Cities, Historical Perspective, Shelter, and Development and Preservation. This book stands alone as a foundational text exploring and analyzing the city within the context of Pakistan.


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