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Cities for humanity and development - iv
P & R Vol.2 Issue 1
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Cities for humanity and development – iv

Publication Year : 2021
Author: Leslie Woo

The fourth webinar in the series explored how cities could be planned so that they are made better suited for humanity and development. At the outset, the session addressed a concern why the cities in developing countries are devoid of addressing the humane needs of urban populations and planners prefer gentrification. Ms. Woo suggested that cities must opt for the agenda to bring humanity and development at the core of city planning and that this precisely has been her struggle throughout her own career. She emphasized that in order to plan cities for humanity, influencers and key stakeholders need to keep all segments of population in mind given their respective heterogenic needs, characteristics and civic requirements. The cities must have civic capacity to speak and campaign for the cities to be more inclusive. Cities should be thought of as collections of actions and the culminations of many decisions over the periods of time. In such a scenario, strong commitment to championing the city rights for the entire population and not just one segment is a fundamental part of making inclusive cities that are drivers of growth and welfare.