Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Conflict, Security, and Development.

The three words Conflict, Security and Development are very much inter-linked. Each one of these has a profound effect on the other two. When ever conflicts arise, be they between individuals, social groups or nations there is bound to be lack of security and when peace does not prevail economic development is hampered. If we look at these in the reverse order we find that in areas where economic development has not taken place over a long period of time, people tend to vent their frustration against each other and against those in authority. Consequently there is insecurity, law and order breaks down and conflicts arise. Those who hold the reigns of government in their hands; those political parties who come to power and the armed forces who come to the aid of the civil administration must realise that prolong use of force by the militants and by the armed forces alike can tear the national fabric as under. There is a need, therefore, to carry out a serious study of the co-relation between conflicts, security and economic development. This should be done both at the government and academic level. Facts and figures must be assembled; data regarding the loss of lives, destruction of property and infrastructure should be made available. Only then a realistic assessment of the impact insecurity is having on the economic health of the nation can be made. It has to be a holistic approach, including the rising population, illiteracy, unemployment, corruption and a host of other issues, which impact on the security of the state and its economic growth.

Tariq Osman Hyder, Kamal Matinuddin