Counter Violent Extremism In Pakistan
Webinars Brief 35:2021
Publication Year : 2021

Dr.Anita M. Weiss has written several books based on our areas of academic interests which include 1) Interpreting Islam Modernity and Women’s Rights in Pakistan 2) Walls within Walls Life Histories of Working Women in The Old City of Lahore Her new book Violent Extremism in Pakistan Local Actions, Local Voices is the result of the extensive fieldwork conducted from 2016-2019. In December 2014, an attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar motivated her to write a book on extremism. The book resists poetry, art, music, interactive theater, and religious leaders themselves taking a stand to counter extremism. So many exciting things are happening throughout Pakistan people are striving to reclaim their culture, society, and state. Dr. Weiss has done a remarkable job that has not been undertaken by many Pakistani and foreign researchers.

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