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COVID-19 and the Immunity Pardon
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COVID-19 and the Immunity Pardon – COVID-19 Blog

Publication Year : 2020
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According to the Coronavirus Worldometer the present count of the infected persons with COVID-19 has increased to 2.5 million and deaths to be around 0.17 million. Many, especially the European, countries have been battered by the onslaught of the pandemic through human casualties and also the economic meltdown. The question of lives vs livelihood seems to be confronting every government, and all nations are trying to put up a good and informed fight. Policy measures both at the public health front and economic relief are the only agenda items for the policy makers these days. To design the best response, policymakers and researchers are digging deep into the data streams coming in from all part of the world. Pakistan Institute of Development Economics’ PIDE COVID-19 response has been enormous; with one of the key features being the Dashboard. One can see from the visualization below (taken from the PIDE Dashboard) that the infection rate by age group irrespective of the gender is highest among the age range of 20-29, and more among male. In the deceased category males have been most of the victims.