Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

P & R Vol.2 Issue 2
Debate on Civil Service Reform in Pakistan
Publication Year : 2021

The Need for a Wide Debate PIDE series on institutional reform are important to generate a national debate on this important notion of getting the government right. The discussion on any such institution should therefore not be seen as a critique. Instead this should be a regular subject of public policy research in all our universities. Civil service is a key organization for any age, any country, any organization and therefore a key determinant of the country’s success in everything including record keeping, security, policy, M&E and economic development. Critically success depends on ensuring good systems for government policy development, M&E and management of community, cities and organizations. Several Nobel’s have been awarded for this research. Civil service reforms are a central subject for development in Pakistan. Unfortunately, there is a lack of understanding of civil service. Institutions are important for economic development & growth. Reforms are not only changing names of things but the connections are important. We have to connect with the actual public sector, organizations & institutions. We need to connect with matters, edifice of civil service and the notion of reforms.