Developing a Policy Solution for Khokhas in Islamabad

PIDE Knowledge Brief No. 23:2021
Publication Year : 2021

The process of development leads to large scale rural-urban migration as the poor seek opportunities in cities. We have seen Pakistan has now become the most urbanised society in South Asia. Yet, Pakistani city planning remained clueless about this important fact about development. To date both courts and city planning want to keep Pakistan as a rural pastureland made up of suburbs without city centres the poor who make the city work have never received recognition from the city planners. Islamabad as capital of Pakistan was designed in 1959 by a Greek architect-planner, Constantinis A. Doxiadis. Islamabad provides a very interesting locale as the city’s master-plan illustrates a template against which informal practices can be articulated (Tauhidi and Chohan, 2020). In addition to illegal squatting and temporary housing, commercial activities are also the reason for various forms of encroachments. Informal trading includes street vending such as hawking of goods carried out on sidewalks, roads, and commercial buildings.