Pakistan Institute of Development Economics



Development Priorities of the Founding Father of Pakistan

Author: Pervez Tahir

A close reading of the speeches and statements of the founding father of Pakistan, Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, brings forth a striking consistency of understanding and approach towards priorities that the nation must determine to move steadily on the road to progress and development. These priorities were—in that order—education, industrial development and defence. Political historians generally present descriptive analyses of what appear to be radically different phases of the Quaid’s passage to lead the nation to its destiny—freedom. But at no point in any phase does one come across a weakening of resolve to advocate the priorities of Education, Industry and Defence—EID, for short. No better acronym of happiness would be possible for the Muslims of British India, EID being happiness and progress for them literally as well as religiously. After the adoption of the Pakistan Resolution in March 1940, the Quaid reiterated these priorities time and again. There is a noticeable accent in his speeches to specify the ramifications of these three pillars of progress.

Pervez Tahir