Pakistan Institute of Development Economics

Dimensions and Structure of Labour Force in Relation to Economic Development a Comparative Study of Pakistan and Bangladesh
Publication Year : 1975

This book is a considerably revised version of the author’s Ph.D. dissertation, “Dimensions and Structure of Labour Force and their Changes in the Process of Economic Development: A Case Study of Pakistan.” The study is essentially based on the two post-Independence censuses of pre-1972 Pakistan taken in 1951 and 1961. Initially the intention was to revise the study with the then-forthcoming 1971 census. The political events of 1970-71 led to the division of the country and, among other things, drastically altered the statistical situation. A census limited in scope and with no information on labour force was carried out in Pakistan in 1972. No census has yet been taken in Bangladesh (former East Pakistan which separated from Pakistan in December 1971). Given the absence of reliable sample surveys, these earlier censuses will remain the primary source of labour force information for some time to come for both the countries.