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Dimensions of Urban Growth in Pakistan

The urban population of Pakistan has grown almost fourfold,over the last two decades. It is estimated that it will increase by 55.5million by the year 2000 [Blacker (n.d.)]. The increases in urbanpopulation is attributed to either continued rural to urban migration ornatural increase. As a consequence of the above increase in populationthe urban living conditions are under great pressure. I~ is thereforeimportant to analyse the dimensions of urban growth and examine itssocial and economic implications. The objectives of the present studyare: 1. To analyse the trends and variations in urban growth; 2. Todecompose the components of urban growth and analyse which component hascontributed more to urban growth; and 3. To analyse some of theimplications of urban growth.

H. B. Siyal, M. F'ramurz Kiani

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