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Distortions of Agricultural Incentives. Edited by Theodore W. Schultz. Bloomington, Ind. (USA), and London : lndiana University Press. 1978. Name and Subject Indices, viii + 343 pp.

This book is based on the contributions of a workshop sponsored in 1977 by the Midwest Center of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. It has been organized into six topical sections: Constraints on Agricultural Production; Resources and Environment; Distortion of Incentives; International Markets; Agricultural Research; Education and New Institutions; and, finally, the Quest for Equity. Each section carries several articles, in some cases with comments on some of them. Most of the articles focus on agricultural price and income policies followed in developing countries during the recent past, analysing their effects on the adoption of superior innovations, capital investment , efficient resource allocation, income distribution and, above all, farm productivity.

Muhammad Ali Chaudhary

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